Rashid Mansoor


Serial Entrepreneur with expertise in computer science, electrical engineering, applied mathematics and computational science. Founding CTO of Adbrain and visionary architect behind Adbrain’s data intelligence and cloud engineering technology.

Alec Mocatta

Chief Architect

Programmer's programmer. Previous startup in machine learning-based spatial positioning acquired. Raised on C and distributed systems, adopted Rust and zero allocation programming. Realised Hadoop/Spark stack was terrible, particularly at 5TB+ scale, in previous startups, vowed to do better.

Jason Hardjosoekatmo

Commercial Director

Systems Engineer focused on exponential technologies. Has launched renewable energy and waste management startups in the UK, US and S.E. Asia. An alumnus of the University of Cambridge and Singularity University - Jason met Rashid in a mutual Electrical Engineering lecture at the University of Sussex and subsequently went on to co-found a previous startup.

Stephen Goschalk


Previously COO at Adbrain. Experience leading business operations in corporate finance and corporate compliance covering UK listed companies, AIM and private companies.

Tamara Sword


Senior Marketing Executive deeply embedded in tech and enterprise community. Previously joined AR platform Aurasma pre-launch as CMO, scaling to 5m users and 20,000 commercial partners (acq. HP 2011).

Shamil Mansoor


Over seventeen years’ successful commercial experience in entrepreneurial finance roles across small, medium and large organizations.

Edoardo Turelli

VP of Engineering

Tech lead and entrepreneur. Co-founder of Koinup, the leading social media for game creatives (acquired) and creator of Flux, the popular news reader app featured in 100+ markets. Designer of the 6-weeks Squad, a neo-agile methodology rolled out as VP Engineering at Adbrain.

Aidan Hobson-Sayers

Research Engineer

Studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge and has been responsible for transforming development processes in a 600 developer company, co-authoring a book on Docker and collected a Google Chrome vulnerability bug bounty.

James Kay

Research Engineer

MComp graduate of the University of Bath with research interests in programming languages and interactive, distributed, and resource-aware computing. Previously wrote components of distributed systems for high-performance and high-reliability systems.

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