More with less: Showcasing the power of partnerships at IT²EC 2024


IT²EC 2024 was a great opportunity to showcase the impact of AI-powered spatial computing on military training and highlight Hadean’s work with partners like 4C Strategies, Cervus, and BAE Systems.

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Our time at IT²EC was marked by insightful discussions about the transformative power of dual-use technologies, like AI and spatial computing, in modern military training. It was also filled with exciting announcements and collaborative activities with industry leaders such as 4C Strategies, Cervus, and BAE Systems, highlighting our shared vision for the future of collective training and innovation in the defence sector. Continue reading to learn more about the new capability we unveiled with 4C Strategies, the massive milestone we celebrated with Cervus and the growing relationship with BAE Systems as a member of the Project OdySSEy partner ecosystem. 

4C Strategies

Following an MoU signing at I/ITSEC 2023, Hadean and 4C Strategies have worked together to combine the super orchestration of Hadean’s AI-powered spatial computing Platform with the data-driven UI of 4C Strategies’ Exonaut. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our partnership, resulting in a seamless integration of commercial and technical innovation that was unveiled at IT²EC 2024. Through the Hadean Platform, we enabled Exonaut, a proven and trusted in-service system, to incorporate synthetics into its interface and facilitate real-time synchronisation between actions controlled by Exonaut and their consequences in dynamic and responsive simulations. 

At the heart of our demonstration was a representative crisis scenario unfolding in a NATO partner state – presented by Hadean’s UK Managing Director, Andy Naismith, and 4C Strategies’ UK Managing Director, Paul Steel. The simulation, designed to stretch local government emergency services’ resources, simulated densely populated areas and reflected sentiments through heightened social media activity, including traffic congestion, panic, and unrest. The showcase underscored the potential of the combined capabilities of Hadean and 4C Strategies to revolutionise collective training in defence and national governance, enabling evidence-based decision-making and continuous capability development. It also demonstrated the ability of AI-powered spatial computing to help maximise the value of in-service systems and augment capabilities to fit the needs of the end-user. 


The show was also an opportunity to celebrate a monumental milestone of successfully delivering FORGE to the British Army for one year, alongside our partners at Cervus. Led by Cervus, this collaboration stands as a big achievement in our journey of supporting the UK Ministry of Defence with cutting-edge technology solutions. Nick Brown, our Head of Defence BD, joined Al Roan, Cervus Managing Director, and his team in commemorating this momentous occasion, reflecting on the strides made in advancing military decision support capabilities.

Through FORGE, Hadean and Cervus are spearheading the implementation of next-generation, data-driven, and AI-enabled decision support within the UK Ministry of Defence. This innovative platform accelerates decision-making processes, empowering military personnel with real-time insights and analysis, ultimately leading to substantial cost efficiencies. As we reflect on this achievement, it reinforces our commitment to providing disruptive technology solutions that drive tangible benefits for our defence partners. 

BAE Systems

During the show our team also had the opportunity to reconnect with partners at the BAE Systems stand, where we shared drinks and exchanged insights. As a key member of the Project OdySSEy defence partners ecosystem, we continue to play a pivotal role, supporting the development and implementation of an expansive and interoperable single synthetic environment for multi-domain training. Project OdySSEy enables immersive, complex, and dynamic collective training experiences that empower military personnel with the skills and readiness needed for modern warfare scenarios. Our engagement with partners like BAE Systems underscores our commitment to advancing the future of military training through innovative technologies and partnerships.

So, what’s next?

As we leave IT²EC behind, our team is eagerly anticipating our next industry event, and this time, we’re headed across the pond to the USA! Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to bring our cutting-edge technology to the American market and continue driving progress in the field of AI-powered spatial computing.