About Hadean

Our purpose

Today, we are facing some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever known. Unfortunately, in many cases, the breakthroughs we need are being held back by the limitations of existing infrastructure. Harnessing the cloud and its untapped potential is complex, time-consuming and expensive.

But, what if anyone could access the compute power to find a cure for cancer, solve climate change, or revolutionise the global economy?

Hadean was founded in 2015 to democratise supercomputing resources and empower developers, data scientists and decision-makers to solve the world’s most critical issues – issues that cannot be solved using a 40-year old technology stack.

Who We Are

We believe that anything is possible when you think big enough, and it is our ambition to change the nature of computing.

Our engineers have rewritten the rulebook on distributed computing. The Hadean platform eliminates excessive middleware, orchestration and overengineering making it easy for developers to quickly and easily write networked, dynamically-scaling cloud-native applications.

On this foundation, we built a record-breaking simulation application called Aether Engine. It is capable of running distributed simulations that contain thousands upon millions of entities in just a few simple steps, without an additional line of code required, and all from a laptop.

Craig Beddis

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Craig is our Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Hadean. With over 25 successful years grounded in building and transforming technology-focused businesses and accelerating growth, Craig has been at the forefront of establishing Hadean’s vision and strategic direction and team growth since early 2017.

“Our vision and the team is the key. They are bold in their thinking and super smart, but also know how to work together. Authenticity, trust, respect and fun – these values create the environment that means we can tackle big problems, together. Problems that if solved change the world”

Aidan Hobson Sayers

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Aidan’s mission is to create a smooth process to the end application, offer a great developer experience and ensure we build a product everyone wants to use. Previously, Aidan worked as an engineer and developer at OpenBet and studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, as well as co-authoring a book on Docker. 

“I joined Hadean to create something that enables developers to build applications that would have previously only been achievable by the top experts in a field. Having started as a developer, it’s been amazing to watch the close relationships we’ve built with customers and partners enable our team to focus on making that vision a reality.”

Lars Koschin

VP Engineering

Lars ensures we’re able to keep delivering our product to an incredible standard and creating a delightful developer experience to our customers. He began his career as co-founder of MMO publisher Gamigo, before taking over as CTO of MMO game portal Curse Inc. He later led the US Office for Gameforge and founded Frogster America Inc. He has launched 25 MMO games throughout his career and holds degrees from the Management Akademie of RWE and from TraiCen Technology School.

“Hadean creates a friendly work environment with the right balance of focus for the goals and being creative to solve problems of the future. It ignites your inner desire to give the best for the team you work with and for the company as a whole. All this paves the way to create successful products for our customers.”

Alistair Thorpe

VP Customer Success

Alistair has a passion for delivery and customer happiness, and is putting together the right process and systems to ensure they are at the heart of everything Hadean does. Prior to Hadean, Alistair worked in executive and delivery roles across both Product and Engineering in the Gaming sector. He also focused on design and delivery of high performance real time transaction processing systems operating at scale to global brands such as Ladbrokes, PaddyPower/Betfair and Singapore Pools.

“Hadean are at a real turning point with major new customers now endorsing (with their chequebooks) the awesome product that is Aether. I have been given a great opportunity to be part of bringing Aether to market but also to work with the teams to realise the pretty much unlimited potential of the underlying Hadean platform which is going to be far wider reaching that just simulations.”

Shany Elkarat

Chief Product Officer

Shany has 20+ years of experience leading Product and Marketing functions in Technology and Telecoms industries. Career spanning business innovation and portfolio / product strategies, across startups and large enterprises. He holds an MBA from Heriot Watt Edinburgh Business School and BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tel Aviv.

“Hadean, for me, is a model that everyone should aim for. So much potential with a lot to show for it already, a cool start-up with unique technology at the cutting edge. None of it could have been achieved without the mission-focused mindset and talent we have within our people across the organisation. You can’t really beat that…”

Chris Arthurs

VP Innovation

Chris focuses on identifying emerging opportunities for Hadean’s cutting-edge technology, and enabling people to tackle the world’s most complex and compute-intensive challenges. He has a background in computational science, holding a PhD and extensive experience in creating software for simulating biophysical systems at scale, including the electrical impulses that keep the heart beating, and the blood that flows in our arteries.

“The team at Hadean are fantastic, and the technology is world-leading. The story of the twenty-first century will be the shift to computing everything, everywhere, all of the time, and it’s a privilege to play a part in shaping that. Together, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what this will enable; there’s so much more to do, and it’s an extremely exciting thing to be involved with.”

Mimi Keshani

VP Operations

Mimi oversees and supports countless projects across the company and drives our work in Life Sciences, including a partnership with the Francis Crick Institute. This partnership, which initially focused on protein-protein interactions, was extended to model the transmission of COVID-19, between humans, as well as within the human lungs. Mimi previously held Product positions for various research platforms and studied nanoscience at UCL and the University of Cambridge, working with Nokia on graphene-based flexible electronics for her MPhil thesis.

“I love the variety of projects we work on at Hadean. The multi-applicability of our tech means I get exposed to new interesting avenues daily and get to work with the smartest people I’ve ever worked with to solve really hard problems. Applying what we learn to build the business, getting to watch it scale and all our people grow with it, is really exciting”

Andy Schwaderer

Managing Director US

Andy is a 25 year veteran with experience in distributed high performance computing, real-time location, master data management, analytics and supply chain management. As the a former senior executive at Hazelcast, he launched new business and channels across the Americas and Asia. He also developed market leading products globally distributed by Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, AWS and others; additionally successfully facilitating acquisitions for companies by Tibco, Stanley, Data Robot, and Amdocs. He oversees our development in U.S markets, as we look to expand Hadean’s reach globally.