Synthetic Training and Decision Support

A Next Generation Platform for Multi-Domain Training

Synthetic Training Environment

A rapidly changing world is demanding a fundamental change in training infrastructure

  • Rising geopolitical tensions
  • Emerging technologies
  • New domains and channels

The Hadean platform offers a floor to ceiling digital transformation, providing:

  • Low-latency and performant data-streaming across any device for distributed operation
  • Deployment in any cloud, hybrid, or on-prem environment
  • Optimised cost-efficiency with dynamic allocation / de-allocation of resources
  • Spatially orchestrates any frontend engine to deliver greater simulation scale and complexity
Digitalisation of Defence


Common Operating Picture

Multi-domain operations can be viewed at every level, from infantry to upper comand, in a single persistant instance


Delivery to Every Point of Need

Connect thousands of clients across distributed edge networks to deliver the simulation to multiple geographic locations

Speed and Precision in Decision Making

Parallel simulations and rapid analysis provide informative and precise decision support

Lower Costs and Shorter Delivery Time

Cloud servers are automatically allocated and deallocated based on events within the simulation, ensuring optimal resource usage with less reliance on DevOps

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“Hadean is quickly developing a strong reputation based upon the real performance of its new and exciting products both in its core gaming sector and now in non-adjacent industry applications.”

Andrew Naismith – Managing Director, Defence and Security, CAE (UK)

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Synthetic Training eBook

Use Cases

Virus Contagion Modelling

Aether Engine ran a multi-agent spatial simulation to model pathogen spread along the UK road network. 

In just 48 hours, we created a simulation that modelled movement in London and Liverpool to assess the spread of Covid-19 and the impact of intervention on transmission rates.

Disaster Response and Situational Awareness

Hadean underpinned the simulation of a city evacuation. The project provided an interactive analysis tool to understand the best course of action in complex scenario planning.

  • Complex citizen behaviour responding to unfolding disaster
  • Multiple simulations run to identify optimal course of action
  • Tight integration with Unreal Engine, Grafana UI and real-time analytics

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