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Mitigate risks, maximise high value investments and fulfill KPIs

Hadean helps with live simulation to foresee every potential outcome, provide decision support and replicate complex systems in high fidelity digital twins. Observe and manage simulations of your industrial processes and logistics, predict and analyse every scenario outcome and make data-driven decisions to maximise your customer satisfaction.

Supply chain planning decision support

Identify key sensitivities and risks impacting working capital requirements along supply chain User-driven and machine learning live simulations predict every what-if scenario

Digital twin

Providing an open and extensible architecture that integrates COTS/GOTS software, simulations and data within an inoperable cloud-native infrastructure. Deliver insights to the point of need across any IoT operating environment.

Autonomous vehicles

Run thousands of simulations in parallel to maximise data analysis to inform AI and ML systems. Dynamic scaling ensures reliable performance in highly complex vehicle simulations

Key benefits

Optimise working capital

Minimise tied-up cash, reduce cost of capital, prioritise high-value investments.

High quality predictions

Improve planning for improved resource allocation and efficiency.

Better decisions

Rapid data-supported response to changes to reduce time-sensitive costs.

Risk management

Reduce risk and drive KPIs by focusing on and investing in the most impactful areas.

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