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Simplifying Industrial Complexity


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The world is facing new macro challenges.

Organisations must operate against an unpredictable backdrop of climate change, turbulent economic conditions, geopolitical shifts, and global infrastructure and supply chain issues.

By gaining understanding of the exponential complexity of interrelated systems, processes and behaviours, we can make sense of the world around us, reach better decisions and achieve faster operations. At the intersection of physical and virtual worlds, a nascent Industrial Metaverse is emerging. At the tip of the spear are predictive digital twins, providing 3D, immersive replicas of the real-world for rapid, accurate and cohesive what-is and what-if scenario analysis.

Partnering with CAE

Hadean collaborated with CAE to close the gap between the digital and the real world. Deployed inside bespoke, ultra-realistic and high-fidelity 3D environments, these new virtual tools and solutions help accelerate transformation across global digital infrastructure, offering greater insight into our physical world to foster and facilitate understanding, options and decision-making. Together we’ve built a 3D replica of Tallinn, Estonia that showcases how real-life events are replicated in vast scale, complexity and accuracy, enabling actionable insights.

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The Industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse is where real world and synthetic systems can be connected together in a virtual environment to unlock information, insights and forecasting.


Recreate virtual replicas of complex industrial systems and processes to identify operational gains and efficiencies, whilst eliminating risk.

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Supply Chain

Run repeated what-if scenarios analysis to determine the best course of action and mitigate risk and delays.

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Smart Cities

Represent complex interconnected hubs and understand the impact of complex infrastructural changes ahead of implementation.

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Harness insights both in the short term (e.g. real-time weather updates) through to the long term (e.g. impact on sustainability from planned expansion works) to augment operational processes.

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Leverage high fidelity 3D digital twins providing detailed representations of transport networks to deliver real-time traffic insights and improve sustainability practices.

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