AI discourse is evolving


The hyperbole around AI’s future potential has given way to a more grounded, practical discussion about its current capabilities and real-world applications.

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As SXSW got into full swing, a news story caught my attention. TechCrunch reported that DANIELS, the visionary directors behind films including “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, called advancements in AI both “amazing” and “terrifying”. They painted a picture of a future where AI could lead to groundbreaking advancements in fields like medicine and environmental science but also cautioned against the societal risks, such as exacerbating inequality and challenging our concepts of fulfilment and value.

There’s no question that we’re at a watershed moment for AI’s rapid development. DANIELS’ comments capture the duality of AI and serve as a stark reminder of the fine line we tread when integrating AI into our society. It’s not just about celebrating the technological marvels AI brings to the table; it’s about critically examining the frameworks within which it operates and its broader impacts on our world.

However, in parallel, the hyperbole around AI’s future potential (and the potential risks that come with it) has given way to a more grounded, practical discussion about its current capabilities and real-world applications. This was certainly the opinion of many people we spoke to on the ground at SXSW – “how can AI help my business today?”. This pivot towards pragmatism in the AI discourse is a welcome and necessary evolution, indicating a maturing understanding of the technology’s role.

As we continue to weave AI into the fabric of our everyday lives, it is imperative that we approach AI with an ethical mindset, prioritising solutions that not only advance technological frontiers but also enhance the human condition today – whether unlocking creativity through generative AI tools or  improving manufacturing efficiencies.

That’s a wrap on Hadean’s time at SXSW and what an experience it was. It was a chance to immerse ourselves in the collective wisdom and creativity of the tech community, to listen, learn, and reaffirm our commitment to a mission that’s more than technological achievement. At Hadean, we feel invigorated by the challenge to employ AI not just as a tool for innovation but as a means to a future that embodies our highest aspirations for connection and shared well-being.

A massive thank you to the UK Department of Business and Trade and all the incredible people we connected with on the trade mission, including industry giants like Disney, US SOCOM, Universal, and Google.

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