A Next Generation Platform for Defence Simulation and Training

Massive Scale Synthetic Environments

Create multi-domain simulations with millions of entities to effectively train and prepare personnel in real world scenarios for the emergence of new unprecedented threats.

Better and Faster Insight in Complex and Unpredictable Scenarios

Run thousands of simulations in parallel to enable precise analysis of complex battlespaces. Results and analytics can be accessed anywhere by anyone at a fraction of the cost.

Single Source of Truth for Multi-Domain Operations

Provide a single source of truth by bringing together multiple tools, simulations and data points into a single coherent architecture.

Hadean Platform Synthetic Environments

An open and extensible framework for large-scale and complex multi-domain simulation and modelling

Spatially orchestrates any frontend engine to deliver greater simulation scale and complexity

Low-latency and performant data-streaming across any device for distributed operation

Deploy in any cloud, hybrid, or on-prem environment

Optimise cost-efficiency with Hadean’s dynamic allocation / de-allocation of resources

A New Approach to Defence Simulation and Training 

Download the datasheet and learn how Hadean can help your organisation:

  • build massive scale synthetic environments
  • provide better and faster insight into complex and unpredictable scenarios
  • have a single source of truth for joint command operations

“Creating high-fidelity, scalable, low-latency and widely-distributed simulations presents many technical challenges… Hadean has developed a set of technologies that will support scaling up these types of simulations fully leveraging existing cloud infrastructures.”

Distec Grand Final, Judge’s Appraisal

Aether Engine

In this video, you will see how Aether Engine enables massive scale military simulation and defence training. Aether Engine is a breakthrough spatial simulation application built on Hadean. It dynamically scales to meet the computational demand, whether that’s an influx of connections, simulating millions of entities or adapting to changes in real-time data.

Want to see Aether Engine in action?

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