Building Virtual Worlds of The Future

Unlock Your Creative Freedom Within Virtual Worlds

Synthetic environments all require a vast number of connections, often across distributed geographies. At the same time, users expect them to be as detailed as possible and desire immersive and realistic experiences. 

The development of these worlds are being held back by the restrictions imposed by current infrastructure, including:

  • Limited connections
  • Poor user experience
  • Lack of depth and eealism
  • Inefficient use of data
  • Complexity of configuration

But this is about to change.

Aether Engine creates large complex worlds that sit outside confines of limited connections, entity counts and realism. It uses a distributed octree data structure to dynamically partition physical simulations, providing additional computing power to complex regions and enabling unprecedented levels of scale and fidelity.

Download the Datasheet

Building Virtual Worlds of The Future 

Download the Virtual Worlds Datasheet and learn how Aether Engine can simplify world building, increase realism and create events with hundreds and thousands of concurrent users.