Finance Datasheet

Improve your financial insight with simulations of massive scale

Agent Based Modelling is providing an exciting opportunity for advanced financial analysis. Are you experiencing scaling issues, where architectural bottlenecks are limiting the size and detail of your simulations?

Hadean’s platform reimagines the underlying infrastructure, enabling simulations of an unprecedented scale and complexity.

  • Plan for every crash and surge and optimise your financial analysis with simulations that synthesise vast amounts of collected data into one coherent structure.
  • Run simulations with millions of entities with scale invariance, ensuring reliable performance during complex and unpredictable scenarios while reducing costs when demand for compute power is low.
  • Our technology was built for the cloud, meaning simulations are deployed both easily and securely.

Aether Engine provides performance and security and our networking model, Muxer, allows thousands of concurrent users to join from anywhere in the world.

To learn how your organisation can improve its financial analysis and planning, download the datasheet below.

Download the Datasheet

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