Hadean & CCP Games Case Study

Building the Future of Cloud-Based Massively Multiplayer Online Games with EVE Aether Wars

Creating compelling multiplayer experiences is one of the toughest challenges game developers face today, especially at scale.

The technical complexity in building and running an online multiplayer game, combined with the limited resources available to developers, often results in compromises being made to the original vision before the first line of code is even written.

Using Aether Engine, CCP Games were able to supersede the constraints and costs of traditional development methods and develop a larger and richer experience, faster and at a significantly reduced cost. This case study explores how CCP Games used Aether Engine to transform the number of players in the world’s most successful MMO game, achieving impressive results; 

  • Eve Aether Wars ran 10k players at 30hz without interruption
  • 5x bandwidth reduction
  • 3x cost efficiency
  • Prototype completed in 8 weeks by a team of 7 developers

Download the Hadean & CCP Games Case Study and discover how Aether Engine can help you deliver unprecedented scale and smooth gameplay experience.