Hadean to showcase AI-powered spatial computing at I/ITSEC 2023


Hadean will unveil new AI integrations for its platform at I/ITSEC 2023, demonstrating how AI-powered spatial computing enhances military and government training, strategy, and operations. The showcase will highlight real-time scenario adjustments using natural language prompts, integrating various systems and technologies for a comprehensive operating picture.

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London,  23 November 2023 – Spatial computing company, Hadean, is set to unveil a range of new AI integrations developed for the Hadean Platform at I/ITSEC 2023. The demo will showcase how AI-powered spatial computing can help military, non-military and government leaders understand and adapt to the multi-faceted modern operating environment faster, smarter, and more efficiently – with benefits for training, strategy, operations and readiness.

This year’s attendance will expand upon Hadean’s successes at DSEI, in September 2023, where the Hadean Platform was presented. It will also mark a year since Hadean delivered a key milestone of our pathfinder project with the British Army at I/ITSEC 2022, which helped validate a cloud-native platform approach for collective training and informed key requirements for the UK Ministry of Defence Army Collective Training System (ACTS).

Hadean has taken the lead in driving the development of AI integrations for defence and exploring ways to exploit their transformative potential to bridge physical and virtual worlds. Visitors at the company’s booth, 1954, will discover how AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) can augment a simulation through natural language prompts, enabling parameters of a scenario to be changed on the fly to better reflect the complexities of real-life military operations. Integrating various allies, domains, and technologies with a pattern of life simulation of over a million people, the showcase will deliver a common operating picture that orchestrates and federates training systems, and enables decision-makers to rapidly assess information and draw courses of action, in real-time, by verbally ordering the scenario changes directly. 

I/ITSEC exhibition is also set to highlight Hadean’s rapid international growth, led by an increasing need for tech-enabling capabilities that can help military and government leaders maximise and accelerate the training output of current systems while saving on costs. While today’s battlespace becomes more complex, with data and information being generated at a breakneck speed, spatial computing has proven its capability to integrate systems, aggregate data sources, and augment decision-making with credible insights and mission-critical intelligence.

Craig Beddis, Chief Executive Officer at Hadean, said: As Hadean takes centre stage at I/ITSEC, we’re not just attending, we’re achieving new milestones. We’re pioneering new ways to understand an operating environment, enabling leaders to consider every critical aspect in an ever-evolving world by harnessing the transformative powers of AI and spatial computing to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual.”

Other activities to look out for

Hadean VP of Innovation, Chris Arthurs, will also take the stage at the I/ITSEC Innovation Showcase at 11:15 AM on Wednesday 29 November to talk about Training Tomorrow’s Warriors: Towards Generative AI in LVC Military Simulations, focusing on the importance of trust-based human-machine teaming, and how novel technologies can be applied for immersive and impactful collective training.

Hadean will be exhibiting at booth 1954. For more information or details on demo times please head to our I/ITSEC landing page here.

About Hadean

Hadean is a UK-based spatial computing company modernising the military simulation ecosystem for training, strategy and readiness. Our technology provides the AI-powered spatial compute infrastructure that integrates allies, domains, systems, and technologies to deliver a common operating picture for multi-domain training, decision support, test and evaluation, and wargaming. Our customers and partners include BAE Systems, the UK Ministry of Defence, the British Army, Microsoft, and Cervus. For more information please visit: https://defence.hadean.com/