Cervus and Hadean team-up with enhanced cloud-native tool for decision advantage


Cervus and Hadean team-up to revolutionise decision support with enhanced cloud-native tool for decision advantage

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London, UK, 06/06/2023 – Data analytics specialists, Cervus, and defence software enablers, Hadean, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support industry and government customers with metaverse-ready technology and power next-generation decision support capabilities.

Leveraging their natural synergy as disruptive and innovative SMEs, the companies will combine expertise to offer a simulation tool box that harnesses the power of adaptive simulation, analytics and cloud-native technologies.

The companies have a track record of close collaboration since 2021, based on a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) project to develop a ground-breaking digital decision support tool, called “Forge”, for the British Army. Empowering Front-Line Commands to make decisions at the speed-of-relevance, Forge integrates Hadean’s metaverse platform with the data analytics platform of Cervus, Hive 2.0, accelerating the exploitation of data sets and rapidly simulating the outcomes of over 42 courses of action, at the same time, with an actual run-time period 1512 hours of Schemes of Manoeuvre simulated in 15 hours, an efficiency gain of over 100%.

Under this reaffirmed partnership, Cervus and Hadean will unlock the potential of next-generation decision support for customers with a simulation tool kit which allows users to look at a wider breadth of factors, as opposed to one or two instances at a time, improving decisions taken in wargaming scenarios or concept prototyping and evaluation, at a lower workforce and financial cost.

Cervus Managing Director, Alan Roan, said: “Working with Hadean has forced us to re-examine our approach to data exploitation. Our ability to rapidly analyse large data sets, derived from existing defence simulation software, unlocks a significant challenge to decision support in Defence. The two-way interaction between our technologies is creating something unique, enabling our customers to experiment at pace, to fail fast and fail early.  Hadean and Cervus are two like-minded companies, with a relentless focus on the warfighter, and this MoU signifies our intention to continue to jointly develop the simulation toolkit. “   

Hadean CEO, Craig Beddis, said: “We’re thrilled to take our working relationship with like-minded trailblazers at Cervus to the next level. With both companies sitting at the bleeding edge of defence technology, our partnership is set to push the boundaries of data exploitation and fill the need for impactful decision support with a proven and innovative cloud-native toolkit. Our collaboration also comes to show how combining technologies that complement each other can lead to innovation with meaningful value for the end-user.” 

The Hadean Platform recently played a key role in validating the British Army’s cloud-native platform approach to collective training, as part of a pathfinder project to determine the requirements for the Collective Training & Transformation Programme (CTTP). Proven and trusted, the metaverse technology behind it will be exploited to augment the joint solution designed with Cervus.

About Hadean

Founded in 2015, Hadean is an award-winning metaverse startup that’s powering the military simulation ecosystem in defence, providing the infrastructure required to realise the full potential of multi-domain training for the end-user and power the military metaverse. To date, Hadean has been helping customers in defence become metaverse-ready, including: BAE Systems, Cervus, UK Ministry of Defence, British Army, Thales & Plexsys. For more, visit: hadean.com

About Cervus

Founded in 2013 by three Army veterans, Cervus has been at the forefront of analytics in defence training and experimentation. Today, Cervus provides licensable AaaS to the International Defence Market and has a customers base that span NATO, the UK, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. For more, visit:  www.Cervus.ai