Hadean Veterans Reflect During Armed Forces Week


Hadean is celebrating Veterans within our organizations that are improving our working life every day to honor this year’s Armed Forces Week.

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As we celebrate Armed Forces Week, it’s a time to show our support for the men and women who comprise the Armed Forces community, including currently serving personnel, service families, veterans, and cadets. We asked some of Hadean’s veteran employees about their cherished memories of service and how their experiences have shaped their civilian lives. Being a civil servant does not stop when leaving the forces, and as our mission is always aimed at ameliorating our world through technology, we make it a point to hire from those who have at their core a civil penchant. Discover how their time in the military continues to inspire and guide them in their roles at Hadean.

Andy Naismith, Managing Director

I had the privilege to serve for just over 32 years and served in two of the Armed Forces: I enjoyed 12 years in the Royal Navy before transferring to the Royal Air Force for an equally fun-filled 20 years. While the variety of operational theatres I experienced were routinely fascinating and challenge filled, my abiding memory of my time is the amazing quality of my colleagues across the piste. The men and women across our services are simply brilliant people to be with: highly talented individually but also, crucially, great team members. That talent and sense of teamwork is much in evidence today too, at a time when the existential threat to our nation is as high as ever. It behoves the UK defence industry sector and the wider community to support these amazing people as much as we can.

Joe Carvill, VP Strategy

What I remember most fondly from my time in the military was also one of the main reasons for joining in the first place: the privilege of serving alongside the most dedicated, professional and humble people in the world. High-trust relationships built on shared hardship, and then galvanised by a true and deep-set unity of purpose, created an environment that never really felt like work. These people want to be the best they can, always and in everything, and it motivates you to reach for standards and goals that, without those around you, would otherwise be unattainable. Under that persistent and profound sense of duty, there is also a lot of humour and fun, too. People with great senses of humour and capability of working through adversity with cheerfulness. Truly inspirational.  

Nick Brown, Head of Defence BD

There has been much to reflect on this year, particularly given the 80th anniversary of D-Day. For me personally the 20th anniversary of my first operational tour to Iraq as a young platoon commander in B Company 1 CHESHIRE has also been poignant. The lessons I learnt on that tour stood me in good stead for future deployments to Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe, but also for civilian employment and life in general. It provided significant perspective.Moreover, it is the unbreakable bonds of comradeship, shared experience and loyalty that stand out most. These you carry with you everyday, often silently, and I think they provide comfort for us all. I feel lucky to have had the privilege to serve and I recall the vast majority of my time in uniform fondly and with a smile.

Will Pomroy, Presales Engineer

I served for five years as an officer in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. During my tenure, I had the privilege of working in an armoured infantry battalion, spending a significant amount of time in Canada as part of 20 Brigade’s armoured battlegroup. My final role in the military was particularly rewarding, as it involved training new recruits from civilians into soldiers, preparing them to join their chosen infantry battalion. It was an honour to be responsible for the development of soldiers who fulfil our nation’s security needs, and to help provide opportunities that might not be available in civilian careers. Prior to my military service, I worked as a front-end developer immediately after university. I was eager to return to the tech industry upon leaving the army, and I am delighted that my resultant career with Hadean allows me to combine my passion for technology with my military expertise. At Hadean, I contribute to building groundbreaking technical capabilities that enhance the security of the UK and its allies. It is truly humbling to be part of such a talented team, working on what I believe are some of the most important technological advancements in the military domain.