A supercomputer
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The invention of the microprocessor was the single most value-creating event in history, enabling the transition from a dominant focus from hardware to software innovation.

The computing landscape that has evolved since is unpredictable. The emergence of Big Data, the growing sophistication of data science, and the development of exponential technologies, demands new innovation.

Hadean is the world’s only Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
to infinitely scale algorithms with zero engineering effort

It redefines computing to enable the next seismic shift in value creation: the move from software to algorithms.

With Hadean, an algorithm articulated on a single computer runs predictably in the cloud at any data scale, without the need for additional software or engineering support.

By removing the greatest computational bottleneck in human endeavor, Hadean will unlock a new era of unprecedented growth and innovation.


Today’s computing infrastructure was not designed for the demands of Big Data. At Hadean, we have re-engineered the entire stack to make Big Data predictable, painless and scalable:

  • An Operating System redesigned for predictability

  • High-level distributed primitives

  • Native Integration into familiar languages (Python, R, SQL)



One week of data scientists’ time creating an algorithm requires on average 4-6 months of engineering to put it into production at scale..

Once the algorithm is moved to production by engineering, unpredictable results or behaviors frequently emerge that require additional engineering to resolve.

Due to the inherent unpredictability of the stack, a team of Big Data and infrastructure engineers spend months implementing the algorithm at production scale. The greater the scale, the greater the unpredictability.

Engineering time required to put a Big Data algorithm into production is reduced from months, to no additional time at all.

Hadean allows the data scientist to focus on the ‘science’. The resulting algorithm automatically and predictably runs at any data scale over the cloud, whether on a single core or a network of thousands of processors.

With Hadean, there’s no need for any engineering resource or additional software to put the algorithm into production. This will save businesses tens of billions of dollars and unlock the exponential development of new and emerging technologies.


Hadean is currently in beta trials with leading companies working in the following applications areas:

  • Medicine and Genomics
  • Space Exploration
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Data Processing and Warehousing
  • Data Science and Quantitative Research
  • Risk Analysis
  • AdTech
  • Internet of Things