Mythos Foundation: Democratising Blockchain Gaming for Web 3.0

We’re delighted to be one of the founding members of the Mythos Foundation, a working group focused on the democratisation of cutting-edge resources for creating engaging gaming experiences on the blockchain.

Read on to learn what the Foundation is up to and how we’re participating.

11 October 2022
Hadean Team

We’re delighted to be one of the founding members of the Mythos Foundation, a working group focused on the democratisation of cutting-edge resources for creating engaging gaming experiences on the blockchain.

Led by Mythical Games, makers of the hugely successful Blankos Block Party, the Mythos Foundation gathers an impressive array of game developers, publishers, technology providers, guilds, esports organisations, and advisors to work on standards, policies, and technical solutions for building play-to-earn ecosystems that reward players with genuine value, not only in terms of the ownership of digital assets, but also with fun and exciting experiences that keep players engaged.

The foundation seeks, firstly, to evolve play-to-earn game economies for Web 3.0, enabling cross chain infrastructure and NFT transport for interoperability within its ecosystem. This will be a big step forward in allowing players to hold a persistent identity across gaming experiences, and to be able to make the most of the assets they earn while playing.

Hadean will provide its barrier-busting infrastructure for building scalable, interoperable, and secure virtual worlds. Our technology will be made available to creators in the Mythos ecosystem to build, run, and monetise virtual experiences in worlds that are visually stunning, massively concurrent, and limitlessly engaging.

The Foundation thus aims to reduce the barrier to entry for developers to make their own play-to-earn games, powered by the ground-breaking technologies and integrating with ecosystems that include audiences who are ready and waiting to be delighted. The Foundation will also integrate gaming communities such as guilds and esports organisations, to promote adoption through authentic social and competitive engagement.

For players, the Mythos ecosystem fulfils the promise of Web 3.0 gaming by empowering them to make meaningful decisions over their experiences and take full ownership over their achievements. This is based on the premise that games on the blockchain should not just be a soulless vehicle for economic speculation, but a great time whose gameplay, rewards, and connections create long-term value that outgrows the booms and busts that the play-to-earn genre has previously succumbed to.

The principle of player empowerment will be upheld through the Mythos DAO, a novel opportunity for both players and creators to have a voice in the direction of their gaming ecosystem. $MYTH will be a governance token for the Mythos DAO, which anyone can join, and be the native token for all proposed Mythos ecosystem projects.

Holders of $MYTH will vote on decisions made for the Mythos ecosystem. The first vote will be to elect a Special Council comprised of representatives from each of the three subcommittees of founding members:

·  Game Development/Publishing

·  Web3 and Metaverse Infrastructure

·  Esports/Guilds

These will be joined by a representative each of Mythical Games and the Cartan Group (a specialised consulting company helping to manage and operate the Foundation), to drive discussions around the development of the Mythos ecosystem and ensure the best interests of companies, creators, and players alike.

Through these initiatives, the Mythos Foundation will be working on establishing standards and policies for the continued development of blockchain gaming on mainstream platforms, with benefits intended to extend beyond Mythos’ own projects. This is a tremendous opportunity to build towards realising the potential for decentralisation and user agency in gaming and beyond.

We’re very thankful to Mythical Games and all of the founding members, and we look forward to taking part in the development of an equitable, rewarding, but most importantly, fun gaming ecosystem.

This offers an ideal occasion to take strides towards the creation of the full-fledged open metaverse and Web 3.0, which we believe will thrive on interoperable and decentralised ecosystems that drive open creator economies catering to a limitless variety of use cases. Hadean’s infrastructure for building, running, and monetising virtual worlds is intended to give creators ultimate freedom over the ability to bridge physical and virtual worlds and create groundbreaking user experiences that touch every part of our lives. 

Our technology is extensible and agnostic, meaning that it can be used with any number of game engines, blockchains, and applications, and leveraged by a wide variety of ecosystems like Mythos to power the various kinds of experiences that will comprise the open metaverse. Our ever-growing portfolio of partnerships shows the importance of harnessing flexible, open architectures to achieve interoperability, scale, and security in the fluid creative ecosystems of the metaverse and Web 3.0. 

The evolution of blockchain gaming is a crucial first step in the fruition of Web 3.0, providing a vehicle for creating equitable and engaging digital economies, and allowing users to play a persistent part in an ecosystem that rewards them with both economic and intrinsic value, based on innovative functionalities in virtual worlds. By creating a better future for blockchain gaming, participating in the Mythos Foundation helps us to develop capabilities and set standards for powering an open and equitable metaverse.