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A persistent, scalable and populated Metaverse

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Removing the technical limitations of virtual worlds.

Hadean’s record breaking technology shatters the limitations of gaming and metaverse engines with the ability to design and deploy richly detailed worlds filled with unlimited numbers of concurrent participants. Offer new social, gaming and professional experiences in the next generation of alternative and virtual environments.

AR/VR & Virtual Events

  • Reflect the true scale of virtual events with record numbers of attendees sharing the same single space
  • The true metaverse experience of a globally deployed events without limitations


  • Utilise to maximum game engines capabilities, without performance limitations with high fidelity terrain, physics and entity interaction in massively scaled worlds
  • Offer new gaming experiences with single sharded gameworlds containing thousands of players

Social and Professional Networking

  • Whether it’s a virtual office or virtual social playground, engage in massive and persistent networking experiences
  • Build high fidelity worlds based around any industry’s application such as music, art or sports

Key benefits

Performance at scale

Through dynamic, distributed scalability it becomes possible to introduce complexity and realism in virtual worlds previously considered impossible.

Unlimited concurrent clients

A distributed network layer invites unlimited players from across the world, enabling experiences to reach beyond the scale of physical events.

Simplified Operations and Lower Costs

Eliminate excessive middleware, orchestration and overengineering. Developers can build, ship and scale their applications quickly and effectively.

New revenue opportunities

Edge the market by owning unique metaverse experiences where thousands of people engage in complex interactions.

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