Hadean’s predictions for the metaverse in 2024


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Our CEO, Craig Beddis, was recently featured in UKTN, giving his predictions on the future of virtual worlds in the metaverse alongside a range of industry leaders and pioneers. The article can be found here.

With many developments of the multifaceted metaverse to get excited about, Craig focused on the community-driven innovation and creativity that we expect to see propelling massive digital experiences and the metaverse to new heights in 2024. 

At Hadean, we’re super excited about what the year has in store, here are some further predictions from our team for the metaverse in the coming year – covering AI, Web3, community-driven creativity, and more!

What should be on the metaverse agenda for 2024

Throw out the “build it and they will come” rhetoric.  

There’s a misconception that building an experience big and flashy enough will attract and retain users. Wrong. Single-use metaverse experiences have repeatedly proven to have no shelf life or utility, rendering them superficial marketing stunts. Instead, the focus should be on nurturing communities and empowering individuals to create and shape their virtual landscape. 

AI as a method to revolutionise our interaction with the internet. 

Today, we’re device-bound – interacting with 2D experiences by typing or clicking. But increasingly the way that we engage with technology and the world around us will be driven by AI, whether that’s through speech, movement or text prompts. AI opens up a world of possibilities to revolutionise how we experience the internet.

Key metaverse themes to look out for

Nomadic virtual communities

Enabling virtual communities to move between experiences effortlessly – much like surfing the web – is going to be key to delivering value both for users and builders. Brands in particular should be laser-focused on aligning with community events – go where the people are. Without rich community experiences, the vision as a whole falls short and the metaverse remains a tech use case.

The democratisation of creativity through AI 

With the right tools, anyone can play a part in building the next iteration of the internet – one that’s 3D, immersive and spatial. AI-powered tools enable creators to dream and build without restrictions. With more people contributing to and shaping the virtual landscape, the metaverse becomes a playground for collective creativity.

Utility in Web3 

If NFTs lack genuine utility, projects will struggle to stay relevant. There are several very exciting projects in the making focused on building platforms that deliver this value to their communities – such as the work our partner Yuga Labs is doing with its community-centred metaverse project, ‘Otherside’. If NFTs have long-term utility within broader Web3 ecosystems (that are transparent, collaborative, and genuinely worth participating in) these projects and the communities driving them will become more mainstream. 

And finally… what will make the metaverse blow up in 2024?

The next big moment in the metaverse will be entirely created and driven by collaborative communities. We’re already seeing the power that communities bring to new virtual experiences, whether it’s art, music, or gaming. This creative innovation will continue to power the metaverse with exciting, unprecedented experiences – watch this space.

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