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The inherent limitations in the current compute stack cost companies working with Big Data billions in engineering resources, adding months to the time it takes to put algorithms into production at scale. At Hadean, we’re addressing these deep, structural problems by rebuilding the compute stack from the bare metal up. We’ve engineered a purpose-built platform that allows any algorithm to run on any data set at scale without any additional engineering.

Our team runs the whole gamut — from systems and distributed systems engineers, to famous computer scientists and an experienced management team to bring Hadean to market. Hadean is already in the hands of eight global customers (across genomics, enterprise and finance) and we recently closed one of the largest European seed rounds to scale the team and the platform.

We’re now are looking to add a brilliant research engineer on solving real-world problems that the majority of the most experienced developers in the industry have failed to solve on other platforms. If you match ≥6 of the following and want to help change the compute landscape joining our Product Engineer Team in London (UK) we’d love to hear from you:

You live and breathe C, C++ or Rust.

You have a good CS degree.

You have demonstrable experience in:

* realising a wide array of ambitious, self-directed projects.
* implementing complex algorithms likely in a C or C++ library.
* coding in a shared and distributed memory parallelism.
* parallel programming at scale. Or you just have the knowledge.

You enjoy:

* designing and implementing high level API and abstractions for domain-specific libraries, in areas ranging from genomics to big data and linear algebra.
* working on a variety of problems whose solution involves everything from high-level software design to low-level optimisations.
* solving complex problems in a brilliant way, possibly by experimenting with novel approaches and selecting the most effective.

You have used one or more of:

* MPI or other message-passing
* Akka
* Erlang

Or maybe have:

* knowledge and experience with concurrency, like multi-threading or go routines.
* low-level/assembly-linking knowledge.
* knowledge of packet-level communication.
* knowledge of performance profiling and debugging, e.g. gdb, valgrind, PAPI.
* contributed to OSS projects.

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