Government & Defence

Accelerate contingency planning scenarios with synthetic environments at massive scale

Next Generation Synthetic Training

Organisations invest billions into training and operational systems, orchestrating any number of complex scenarios – from flood defence to peace keeping. Hadean enables far larger, more complex and interactive simulations to be spun up quickly and more cost-effectively than ever before. Agencies and governments can interoperate, share and process data more efficiently, in real time, creating a distributed multi-cloud network cross all environments – live, virtual and constructive.

Transforming the Scope of Synthetic Environments

Aether Engine can deploy simulations faster, both locally and in the cloud. Scenarios can be modified at any stage as new data from various sources emerges – making synthetic environments more dynamic, realistic and safe.

Use Cases

Scaling Synthetic Environments

Hadean is supporting technology companies and simulation partners to deliver massive scale simulations to allow unprecedented numbers of operators to conduct the next generation of collective training.


Synthetic Training at Massive Scale

Hadean enables organisations to run massive, high fidelity training simulations with tens of thousands of users, allowing whole organisations to conduct full-scale collective training.

Create Full-Scale Simulations in Days

Teams can create full-scale applications and save lengthy production cycles bypassing the complex middleware needed to run large simulations. What takes 15 developers, six months, two-people can deliver in just 48 hours using Hadean.

Manage Complex Risk Scenarios in Real-Time

Governments and Defence organisations can run simulations capable of modelling massive, complex datasets in real-time, delivering operational planning tools to better protect populations, personnel, and infrastructure.

For the first time, allow tens of thousands of users to operate in a single simulation at full fidelity.

Breakthrough infrastructure limits with Hadean

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Explore Applications Built on Hadean

Spatial Simulation

Enable high fidelity and immense scale spatial simulation for unprecedented results.

Globally Distributed Data Streaming

Global distributed network communication that provides real-time streaming and event handling.

Big Data Processing

Simplify big data and generate meaningful insights, without worrying about manual effort or infrastructure costs.