Visit Hadean at IT²EC 2022

We’re pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at IT²EC 2022.

4 April 2022
Richard Edwards

Complexity defines our modern era. From geopolitics to economic globalisation, we live in a world where no action has just a single consequence. For every cause, there are a myriad of effects, each with their own echo of repercussions. With unexpected circumstances and rapid change, our security is laid open to new and unprecedented threats.

For these reasons, the importance of security  and modern defence capabilities has never been stronger. To face the challenges on the fundamentally different road ahead, we ourselves must also change in our approach. It’s no surprise that this is reflected in global military policy, where governments and organisations are forming new collectives and strategies to optimise readiness. These range from committing resources to cyber and space domains, as well as proficient uptake and training of new technology; including such examples as the NATO Modelling and Simulation Strategy and the US Digitisation Modernization Program, which are part of a wave of new initiatives.

Underpinning all of this is digital transformation, connecting sensors, deciders and effectors – bringing together data and computation at scale – transforming the enterprise and the end user experience. As one of the leading conferences in defence simulation, IT²EC 2022 will be a key event in government, industry and system integrator discussion and collaboration. Read more about the transitions towards the ‘digital backbone’ here, written by ex-Army officer and product marketing director Nick Brown.

In attendance at booth F14, we will be presenting our next generation platform for defence. For synthetic environments, we enable and power multi-domain simulations with millions of entities and distributed participants. Achieve enhanced situational awareness, where you can optimise and integrate multiple live data sets across a vast and distributed network to form a cohesive and accurate operating picture. Gain unparalleled decision support and rapidly simulate and explore unlimited what-if scenarios by leveraging the Hadean Platform’s smart scaling capabilities. And build accurate, vast scale Digital Twins to represent live data, systems, capabilities and environments.

We’re also pleased to tell you that Nick will be presenting a talk at the event on the current need for digitalisation and how organisations can best respond to our current climate in defence and security. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Hadean will also be presenting a webinar next week titled “Enabling Command, Operations and Training in a Complex World”, featuring Nick Brown (Defence Product Marketing Director at Hadean), Adam Hugill (Defence Account Executive at Hadean) and Alan Roan (CEO of Cervus). Please sign up here to attend.

We’re incredibly excited for the event to begin on the 26th, where it will no doubt be another informative and productive step in industry and government cooperation. We hope to see you there. If you would like to set up a meeting with the team there, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.