Hadean are a Founding Member of the O3DE Project

by Gaming

“The new O3DE Foundation finally gives gaming and other developers an opportunity to influence the direction of a major AAA class 3D engine that is sustained for the long term by a worldwide community. Furthermore, other industries such as automotive and healthcare can take advantage of embedding the engine and supporting the advancement of the engine.”  – Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, Linux Foundation. 

We’re proud to announce that we are joining as founding members of the Open 3D Engine (O3DE) Project. At Hadean, we’re passionate about democratising supercomputing and enabling people everywhere to take advantage of the vast scale available in the cloud. The project will be a huge step for open source 3D engine development and we’re excited to offer our experience in creating massive virtual worlds with thousands of players. 

Create AAA games and high-fidelity simulations

The O3DE project is based on the AWS Lumberyard game engine – under the permissive Apache 2.0 license. It is the first engine to be integrated with cloud services to allow developers to independently host their games, perform simulations as well as provide support for live streaming via Twitch and other services. Developers will find a comprehensive suite of tools to build the most realistic 3D worlds, AAA games, and simulations. Other major components of the 3D Engine include an editor, best in class Vulkan/DirectX 12/Metal based PBR renderer, animation and integrated packaging and asset pipeline system. Developers will find the flexibility in designing code with visual scripting, C++, LUA, and Python language support, along with full cloud, multiplayer network stack, and cross-platform support for Mobile and PC devices.

Hadean and O3DE

Our participation will create new opportunities for the game development community. Hadean’s infrastructure enables the creation of virtual worlds of unparalleled size and detail, which will now be more accessible to developers. Similarly, the wider engagement will serve to help them advance their features, with contributions from users building upon their products. Our history in working with game developers . CCP Games, creators of EVE: Online, worked with Hadean on the tech demo Aether Wars, a multi-phase project that culminated in an online game involving over 10k players in a single game. In addition, Hadean worked with Mojang to allow for much larger numbers of players in the lobbies of Minecraft, the most successful video game in the world.

Speaking on the announcement, Technical Director, Aidan Hobson-Sayers said “The release of a fully open source AAA-quality game engine has the potential to significantly reshape the games industry and Hadean is thrilled to be able to support it. We are particularly excited by the modularity goals of O3DE and the potential for integration with our highly scalable distributed simulation engine, in pursuit of a more open ecosystem for gaming and simulation.”