Military Life & Ops

Improve the quality of life in the Armed Forces and
transform how live operations are planned and deployed

Explore new avenues for recruitment and retention

Future generations will be more accustomed to digital worlds where they will spend time socialising, working or entertaining themselves. The Armed Forces will be required to match their expectations and provide immersive experiences to attract and retain talent.

New Talent Pools
Advertising military careers in the Metaverse and organising sports events and games will help recruiters reach new pools of candidates and expand their pipelines.
Immersive Onboarding
The integration of Metaverse-ready elements into Armed Forces recruitment will offer immersive onboarding experiences to potential recruits and unique incentives such as virtual goods and NFTs.
Better Record Management
A secure military Metaverse platform will hold personnel records and provide a comprehensive evaluation of individual competencies, which takes into account skills obtained beyond conventional military settings.
Personalised Career Pathways
Based on recorded competencies, strengths and weaknesses, the platform can help deliver hyper-personalised pathways for careers in the Armed Forces to boost the development of skill and talent and identify future leaders.
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Encourage intra-service socialisation

Powered by Web 3.0 technology, the Military Metaverse can become the main portal
for intra-communication within the Armed Forces, with secure instant messaging and calls.
It can also incorporate features to help improve quality of life for serving members.


Promote human interaction

Offer new possibilities for more profound interpersonal communication and collaboration within the military to improve the quality of life for personnel on a daily basis.


Boost force welfare

Reinforce the well-being of personnel by providing improved facilities and services, ranging from health and financial advice to recreational programs, whenever required. This can include finance exchanges for goods and services via digital currencies.


Support families

Offer assistance and support to the family members of military personnel, particularly during the process of relocating to a new base, such as providing employment advice and aiding in the settling-in process.

Deploy Metaverse-ready C2 & Live Ops

Situational awareness is critical for military leaders who aim to maintain their decision advantage in the modern battlespace. The delivery of real-time feedback and information on operations through a secure and interoperable Metaverse-ready platform will enable them to keep the competitive edge over adversaries.


Simulate decision outcomes

Simulate possible scenarios at pace to help commanders move from decision support to decision advantage faster than their adversaries, at reduced operational risk.


Bird eye view of operations, systems & equipment

Exploit a birds eye view of big-data, integrating intelligence from multiple sources at real time. Simulate and assess the impact of new equipment or platforms to broaden capabilities and operations.


Interest management

Interest management technology ensures that users of a spatial simulation receive only the data that is relevant to their role. This can allow the robust management of personalised insights for each military leader based on individual needs and mission objectives.

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