Yuga Expands Technical and Creative Partnerships for Otherside


Hadean, AccelByte, Bad Rhino, and Faraway are partnering with Yuga Labs to develop Otherside, an interoperable metaverse platform. Hadean will provide high-density simulation and networking solutions, AccelByte will offer scalable backend services, Bad Rhino will contribute game development expertise, and Faraway will enhance gameplay. This collaboration aims to create immersive virtual experiences and enable real-time engagement across platforms. The partnership aligns with Yuga Labs’ vision of a highly interoperable metaverse, supported by OMA3.

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Hadean, AccelByte, Bad Rhino, and Faraway come together to help build a technologically versatile Otherside.

Yuga joins forces with OMA3 in a first-of-its kind partnership to continue to pave the way for a highly interoperable metaverse platform.

Miami, FL, September 20, 2023Yuga Labs, web3 leader and home of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), CryptoPunks, Meebits, and 10KTF, today announced new strategic partnerships that will propel the development of Otherside, the innovative interoperable metaverse from Yuga Labs.

Otherside is a community-driven platform being designed for virtual experiences across the web, 3D, and mobile, offering creators and players an active role in its creation, and enabling them to be seen and heard in ways they aren’t today. These global partners bring together the technical and creative expertise to enable cross-platform, real-time engagement to realise the vision of Otherside.

Hadean, the spatial computing company, will be critical in building the core high-density simulation and networking solutions, enabling high-fidelity virtual experiences that will bring creators and players together at scale.  AccelByte, a proven platform technology company, lends their massively scalable and extensible backend platform for live game services. Bad Rhino Studios brings their team of seasoned game developers, designers, artists, and engineers to help bring Otherside to life by allowing players to connect through social and dynamic virtual experiences, while Faraway will assist in developing moment-to-moment, engaging gameplay.

“A core objective of Otherside is to enable people to achieve their creative, experiential, and economic goals,” said Eric Reid, General Manager of Otherside. “The key to delivering a disruptive product of this scale is deep collaboration with creators and technologists. These best-in-class companies are aligned with our vision of Otherside as an interoperable platform built with, and in service of, our communities.”

“Hadean’s proven spatial technology solutions bring the power of scaling and interoperability to Yuga Labs’ Otherside to enable and power rich community experiences,” said Craig Beddis, CEO of Hadean. “Our tech agnostic approach and our commitment to cooperative building and fostering creativity aligns perfectly with Yuga Labs’ values and its vision for a truly interoperable metaverse. Partnering with Yuga Labs to build and deliver Otherside is a significant milestone for Hadean in our journey as a technology enabler for the next version of the internet.”

Yuga Labs has long believed interoperability is a key to the future of the metaverse and is excited to explore the possibilities for Otherside as a member of OMA3’s board of directors. OMA3 is the preeminent coalition of web3 metaverse platform creators, who share a collective vision for virtual land, digital assets, ideas, and services to be highly interoperable between platforms and transparent for all communities. 

With additional partners on board, Yuga Labs will continue building Otherside in public – from demos to behind-the-scenes looks – and refined by real-time feedback from creators and the community. Yuga Labs remains committed to ensuring Otherside is a true enabler of innovation, putting the power in the hands of creators and the community. 

About Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs is a web3 company shaping the future through storytelling, experiences, and community. Guided by the belief that the potential of web3 can be realized when we start with imagination, not limitations, Yuga Lab’s initiatives aim to reinvent what real-world utility for NFTs look like and push the space forward as a whole. Since their launch in April 2021 with flagship collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, they’ve made headlines as one of the first companies to release IP licenses to their NFT holders, acquired and released rights to other top collections (CryptoPunks and Meebits), and made web3 history with record-breaking synchronized player participation in their newest initiative, Otherside. One of the most ambitious interactive metaverse projects to date, Otherside is built with the community, rebelling against traditional walled gardens in gaming spaces. In March 2022, Yuga Labs raised a $450M seed round at a $4B valuation.