Hadean to debut spatial computing platform with AI integrations at DSEI


Hadean will showcase the latest evolution of their spatial computing platform at DSEI 2023.

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London, UK, 6 September 2023 –  UK-based company, Hadean, will unveil the latest evolution of their spatial computing platform at DSEI 2023. Capable of integrating groundbreaking AI-driven technologies, the Hadean Platform for Defence aims to bridge legacy and novel systems into a state-of-the-art common operating picture,

Siloed simulation systems that cannot interoperate are limiting modern militaries’ ability to train against complex real-world scenarios and turn data and information into quality advice and decision advantage. Dated software infrastructure, in addition, is incapable of incorporating and exploiting the potential of next-generation technology, such as AI, ML, and AR/XR. As a consequence, missed opportunities and the lack of critical situational awareness produce ill-informed and ineffective courses of action that lead to increased costs and risk for the end-user.  

Fitted with several key capabilities, the Hadean Platform for Defence is set to ensure best-in-class military strategy, readiness, and decision support for current and future end users in the UK and internationally. It includes bleeding-edge AI and LLM (GenAI) integrations and an updated graphical panel to orchestrate, manage, control, and refine the synthetic environment, enabling the calibration of Hadean’s IP spatial interest management with real-time shaping of data collection and distribution.

In addition, Hadean has enhanced its distributed Pattern of Life simulation engine to provide an out-of-the-box city-scale simulation that implements AI-powered civilian behaviours, traffic models, and other reality factoring routines. By scaling to millions of AI-powered dynamic entities and recording run-throughs in real-time, Hadean enables the dynamic replication of complex real-world scenarios. The graphical control panel then provides the ability to seamlessly orchestrate and combine the numerous data sources, simulations, and interfaces that comprise a full scenario into a complete operating synthetic picture.

Hadean CEO, Craig Beddis, said: “We are extremely excited to mark our first ever attendance at DSEI by demonstrating the new capabilities of our tech enabling defence platform. By combining bleeding-edge technologies like AI and Large Language Models (GenAI), AR/XR and a cloud-native foundation, Hadean is able to augment existing training and simulation assets and enables users to extract more value from them.”

The rapid development and integration of new disruptive technology comes off the back of Hadean’s recent success with the UK Ministry of Defence, delivering a cloud-native simulation demo to the British Army as part of a Collective Training Transformation Programme Pathfinder contract. This demonstrates the flexibility of innovative SMEs like Hadean that can adapt and deliver capabilities at the speed of relevance to the end-user. 

The platform will be demonstrated at Hadean’s stand, H2-130, in the DSEI Future Tech Hub, running a persistent synthetic world throughout the event. The combining cloud and on-site hybrid deployment will showcase how spatial compute power, blended with AI models and libraries, can bridge physical and virtual worlds to connect allies, domains, systems, and services in distributed environments to create a common operating picture.

Live demonstrations of the Hadean Platform for Defence will be showcased at 11:30 and 15:30 for the duration of DSEI 2023, from Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 September.

Visit Hadean at DSEI, Future Tech Hub, Stand H2-130. To book a meeting, head to: https://offers.hadean.com/meet-at-dsei-2023 

About Hadean

Hadean is a UK-based spatial computing company modernising the military training and simulation ecosystem. Our technology provides the spatial compute infrastructure that enables allies, domains, systems, and technologies to deliver next-generation multi-domain training, decision support, test and evaluation, and wargaming. Our customers and partners include BAE Systems, the UK Ministry of Defence, the British Army, Microsoft, and Cervus. For more information please visit: https://defence.hadean.com/