What’s New On The Hadean Platform (SDK)


What’s New On The Hadean Platform (SDK)

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First off, an important update on the Platform SDK – some of you may note that we’ve removed the download link from the website. We’re in the process of making it faster to download and use the SDK (no e-mail sign up!) but in the interim the download isn’t available. Please be assured this is only temporary and we intend to make it available as soon as we’ve completed these updates.

In terms of what we’ve been working on, last time we talked about our newly released ‘smart data transfer’ work. We’ve put in a few improvements on top of that, most exciting of which is a promised improvement that delta transfer will now kick in when you first deploy a program to a cluster – so not only will you get speedups when moving binaries between machines, you’ll also get it when doing the initial upload. A number of people inside Hadean were particularly excited to have this work done since home internet connections can be quite slow!

We’ve also finished implement the underlying architecture for our logging work, improving efficiency when developing on the platform. All logs are now being streamed, rather than stored on disk. This is setting us up for being able to offer basic centralised log tools (e.g. log filtering) on the command line for a better development experience, before you go production-ready and set up DataDog (or similar). These tools are currently in development and we’ll keep you updated.

See you again next time!