The Military Metaverse: alive and kicking


We had a highly productive and well received attendance at I/ITSEC 2022. One of the pertinent outcomes was the role Hadean is playing to drive the development of the Military Metaverse.

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In the blink of an eye we have returned from Orlando, survived Christmas and the New Year, and suddenly here we are in mid-January! I/ITSEC was a busy week with time spent focusing on the immediate tactical battle. It also allowed us to accelerate our strategic plans for the US.

What happened at I/ITSEC 2022?

As the world’s largest modelling, simulation and training event, I/ITSEC offers an incredible opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in training solutions and always provides a strong steer for the direction the industry is heading towards. 

We had a great attendance at the show back in November, with exciting announcements;  notably a deeper forging of our ongoing business relationship with Microsoft to empower allied defence customers by enabling them to harness the full potential of cloud-based training and simulations to enhance their next level of capabilities. 

Members of the team shared the stage with a number of our ‘Hadean-ready’ partners such as Cervus to demo The Forge, a decision support tool, and CAE with whom we presented a discussion on the importance of collaboration to build out a technology ecosystem. We also delivered a research paper on ‘Large Scale Pattern of Life Simulation for Real-Time Applications’ with CAE, UCrowds and Utrecht University which progressed the conversation regarding benefits that agent-based simulations bring to military training. 

We were honoured to be recognised for the MS&T award for ‘Outstanding Serious Game’ — a real highlight of the event. The other key moment was arguably the joint presentation we ran with the British Army to exhibit the cloud distributed simulation we developed to support their Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP). The demonstration, which presented a high fidelity, complex and scalable synthetic environment that offered uninterrupted connectivity, was well attended and generated a lot of interest. Its success was further cemented by the extension of our contract to continue to build out the capabilities of the cloud distributed simulation this time live, in real-time, from Kenya back to the UK. 

Delivering the Military Metaverse

The excellent reception that the CTTP demonstration received, the extension of our contract with the British Army, our ‘Hadean-ready’ ecosystem plus the fascinating conversations we had with several guests at the Hadean booth, and at the show in general has been more than sufficient to ascertain the validity of the work we are engaged in to provide the digital backbone that will support the full realisation of a military metaverse. Not only that, the capabilities that our solutions will enable, you can read more about them in our Military Metaverse blog, and our proven capabilities have led to the firming up of key relationships and very positive interactions with the US Department of Defense. 

What became obvious in the course of our discussions is that we all share the same view of how our technological competencies have a symbiotic alignment with their vision and capability ambitions. The proven, multi-pronged applications of our solutions will provide support for various digital outcomes that will enable innovative and forward-thinking capability acquisition. It was great to meet up with old friends and new across US Air Force Agency for Modeling and Sim (AFAMS), US Army STE, PEO STRI and USMC TRASYS. It remains clear to us at Hadean, as in parallel we help commercial customers harness Web3 and build out the Metaverse, that a similar persistent, complex, high fidelity, accessible, cloud native digital representation of the real world remains the direction of travel for Military training, decision advantage and digital transformation; a Military Metaverse… alive and kicking into 2023.