Ready to build the metaverse? So are we.


Global investors are looking at Hadean to provide the infrastructure that will take virtual world-building to the next level. Read on and find out why they are backing our mission to power the metaverse.

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Hadean has secured $30million to power the metaverse.

According to Statista, the global metaverse market size is expected to reach upwards of $47.48 billion this year alone and with continued growth of $678.8 billion predicted by 2030. It is therefore exciting as well as rewarding for us to announce our latest raise of $30 million in funding. 

This funding will facilitate the continued build out of our record-breaking metaverse infrastructure technology which is already providing exceptional support for the creation of virtual worlds within the immersive entertainment space as well as digital twins for enterprise. 

It will also help Hadean further develop the company’s scalable, interoperable and secure Web 3.0 capabilities. This is the “infrastructure” that powers the metaverse. The backing of Epic Games along with numerous investors including 2050 Capital, Alumni Ventures, Aster Capital, Entrepreneur First, and Molten Ventures demonstrates the capacity and potential of our open platform for distributed cloud computing. 

Marc Petit, VP, of Epic’s Unreal Engine Ecosystem said: “Hadean’s computing power will provide the infrastructure that’s needed as we work to create a scalable metaverse.” He further added: “The company’s technology complements Epic’s Unreal Engine by enabling massive amounts of concurrent users and unlocking new tools for creators and developers. We are pleased to contribute to Hadean’s growth and look forward to continuing to work together to lay the foundation for the metaverse.”

At the 2019 Game Developers’ Conference, Hadean’s 14,000-player Unreal Engine demo with EVE Online maker CCP Games provided a primary example of how our infrastructure technology supports and enables large numbers of simultaneous participants in a virtual environment. 

Hadean has developed vital metaverse components and we are working with partners in entertainment such as Minecraft, Pixelynx, Sony and Gamescoin, as well as within education and enterprise digital twins providers. This new round of funding will therefore increase our ability to provide creators with the tools, in new and emerging metaverse markets, to change every aspect of how we work, build, buy and consume.

Craig Beddis, our Co-Founder and CEO said: “Hadean’s mission is to bridge physical and virtual worlds — to help us make better decisions and ultimately improve the quality of our lives in the physical world. Today’s virtual worlds are a limited experience — small scale, siloed, and insecure. Hence, why these are the technical challenges we’re tackling today. But, we believe the true success and mass adoption of the metaverse will rely on the ease by which creators will be able to build their own experiences at scale, leveraging open and robust metaverse-as-a-service technologies. We’re delighted to work with industry leaders like Epic Games, who share our ethos and ambition for this reality.”

The official news about our funding has already generated significant interest with top tier publications such as TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes and several others covering the exciting announcement. 

Forbes’ senior contributor, Paul Tassi, had this to say: “In the pursuit of further scalability, Epic believes Hadean’s “open platform for distributed cloud computing” may be part of solving that. And I have full confidence Epic plans to expand Fortnite dramatically… building out a more full metaverse-like world for players to exist in…This tech may be a part of how that comes together, in the long term.”

In an interview with VentureBeat regarding the funding, Hadean’s COO, Mimi Keshani said: “We’re not going to have monopolies controlling this future. We’re going to see new, weird and wonderful business models propped up by empowering the next generation of creators to build that future. And so that’s what we’re excited about. We don’t see ourselves as defining the metaverse. We create technology that enables the capabilities to empower that creative economy to build it. We don’t know what it looks like. But we’re excited to work with partners like Epic that share this vision.”

If your enterprise goals involve successfully establishing yourself within the metaverse, and you require the technical expertise that will enable you to achieve this while offering a seamless experience, why not get in touch with us for a chat?