How Spatial Computing and AI could shape our happiness


The article highlights a key finding from the 2024 World Happiness Report, which points to a decline in happiness among younger generations, attributed in part to their constant online presence. It discusses the potential harms of social media, with the U.S. Surgeon General advocating for legislative action to mitigate these effects.

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The newly published The World Happiness Report 2024, as highlighted in an article by this Guardian article, reveals a compelling narrative about the well-being of younger generations. The study states that Gen Z are reportedly less happy compared to older generations, with a significant factor being their constant online presence. Dr Vivek Murthy, the US surgeon general, called for legislation “now” to reduce harm to young people from social media including limiting or eliminating features such as buttons and infinite scrolling.

This growing concern sheds light on the nuanced relationship between digital engagement and personal fulfilment. 

Something quite obvious is that being constantly online has its downsides, however we don’t believe the solution to be retreating from technology. Instead, it’s to embrace a future where physical and virtual worlds are seamlessly integrated, and human connections and experiences are enhanced. Hadean’s commitment to spatial computing and AI is more than just technological advancement; it’s to foster a world where human connections are at the core, bridging the gap between the virtual and the real. This is not just the future of technology – it’s the future of human interaction.

As a leading innovator in spatial computing and AI, we recognise the emerging trends and understand the critical role technology occupies in shaping our future. Our technology isn’t just part of the conversation; it’s rewriting the script, from the Metaverse to crafting infinitely captivating virtual realms. 

It’s not just about creating virtual worlds, but federating data and real world elements to create the connection within digital worlds, which is exactly what we do through our Hadean Platform. 

A New Tech Approach

Far from ignoring the signs, we’re leading the charge, boldly reengineering the essence of our digital connections. For example, our platform offers ready-to-use tools that make simulations more powerful and easier to manage. You can quickly create, launch, and connect these tools with any system, from traditional simulators to the latest AI and language models, all this at high fidelity and with optimised graphics.

The findings in The World Happiness Report underscore the limitations of current digital ecosystems in fostering genuine human connections. The ubiquitous online environment, while offering unprecedented access to information and social networks, often falls short in translating these interactions into meaningful human experiences. This is the reason we keep our technology agnostic, flexible and iterative, in order to ensure that it is ready and swiftly responds to societal issues directly. All IoT and other technology elements can easily seamlessly be integrated within our Hadean Platform. 

This gap highlights a critical opportunity for innovation across various industries

Live Events

By augmenting live sports and concerts with interactive, spatial technologies, we deepen fans’ connection to the event, transforming passive viewing into an active, immersive experience.

Education and Training

Spatial computing can revolutionise learning environments, making educational content more interactive and engaging, thereby enhancing comprehension and retention.


From telemedicine to surgical training, integrating virtual and physical experiences can improve patient outcomes and healthcare provider skills, making complex medical concepts more accessible.

Retail and eCommerce

By merging online shopping with augmented reality (AR), customers can experience products in their own space before purchasing, personalising the shopping experience and enhancing satisfaction.

The Happiness Index, intricately tied to human connection, stands at the core of the next generation’s well-being. Creativity, innovation, and safety don’t just contribute to happiness; they’re its backbone. These elements are nurtured, not in isolation, but through a sophisticated network of technological ecosystems and interconnected experiences powered through AI interfaces.

From CRMs that understand the pulse of customer engagement to dynamic training exercises that simulate real-world challenges, to the utilisation of real-time data that guides daily decisions—every touchpoint is infused with intelligence. This intelligence is generated from the synergy of AI as the interface, spatial computing as the dimension, and the IoT as the network, weaving together a tapestry of seamless experiences. 

This is not just technology at work; it’s the architecture of happiness for the future, where every interaction is a step towards a more connected, innovative, and secure human experience. We must look at these studies and data reports as guides to improve our status quo around our relationship to technology and elevate it while centering humans and their connections. 

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