Hadean wins Metaverse Awards for 2nd year running


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Hadean has secured another 2 category wins at the annual European Metaverse Awards:

  • Top AI Use Case for the Metaverse
  • Top Cloud, Enterprise, Technology Partner 

This builds on the 2 awards we secured at the event last year, and we are immensely grateful for the continued recognition. These awards are a testament to the trajectory of growth we’ve sustained since then, and a great chance to showcase the progress we’ve made with new and existing customers and partners over the last 12 months. 

Who said the metaverse was dead?

The event in Berlin gathered figureheads from the commercial and enterprise spheres to discuss how visions for metaverse applications have evolved, and to hand out awards for the most innovative and impactful companies in the space. 

Our own Mike Gunadi, VP Sales, was on hand to give a presentation on the work that Hadean has done over the last year to drive opportunities forward around immersive experiences for the spatial web.

The big focus was on how we work hand-in-hand with each of our partners to ideate and develop the use cases that are right for them.

In a year where attention has shifted away from grand visions of the metaverse towards more incremental innovations in tech, Hadean’s focus continues to be on using spatial technology and AI to empower customers to be more creative, collaborative, productive, and forward-thinking in their effort to make meaningful impacts on their communities. 

Our technology not only powers large-scale, data-rich, AI-infused experiences that bridge the physical and virtual world for a variety of use cases, but also brings partner technologies together into cohesive and personalised applications for the end user. We see this as a key to futureproofing our customers’ operations, as well as laying the foundations for success in the era of interactive, immersive spatial web applications.

Hadean in 2023

This year, we’ve taken huge strides in bringing our customers’ boundary-pushing visions closer to market. 


In the defence space, we’ve confidently cemented our reputation as a company that has gone from breaking records in the size and scale of complex multiplayer gaming worlds to powering the next generation of data-driven military training platforms. 

In 2023, we successfully delivered on project milestones for BAE Systems, Cervus, and the British Army. In each case, we proved the ability of our platform to bring diverse simulation libraries, visual interfaces, AI applications, and data streams into a unified ‘single source of truth’ for complex training and intelligence operations.


We have also had the immense privilege to collaborate with pioneering companies in the burgeoning Web3 space. 

We were thrilled to enter a commercial and strategic partnership with the world’s biggest Web3 brand Yuga Labs, home to Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Meedbits, 10KFT, and more. Hadean will be working closely with Yuga Labs and partners to build Otherside, a platform for high-fidelity virtual experiences that bring creators and players together at scale. We look forward to showcasing what we’ve created very soon!

Meanwhile, our work with YOURE in building the world’s first play-to-own tokenised economy is making steady progress following an early-stage reveal at Gamescom 2023.

Film and fashion

Finally, we were able to take steps into two exciting worlds for the first time this year: film and fashion. 

In May, we partnered with Film Soho, disguise, Epic Games, and AWS to create ‘A Virtual Walk Down Memory Lane with Twiggy’. Running over just 48 hours, this combined an interactive virtual experience set in 1960s Carnaby Street with live streams of the filming of a scene from the new documentary on ‘60s fashion icon, Twiggy, happening live at Cannes Marché du Film.

We then broke into the world of fashion with Ada, an AI-powered virtual assistant for London Fashion Week 2023. 

As well as acting as master of ceremonies at the THIS IS ICON charity gala, Ada was accessible through smartphones to give real-time fashion insights and additional information about the event. In doing so, she was instrumental in creating closer connections between guests, designers, and the garments on show. 

Each of these projects is a testament to the creativity that spatial computing, AI, and collaborative partner ecosystems can bring to bear for customers in a variety of industries.

Conclusion and looking ahead 

Fascinating keynotes and showcases from all the guests, panellists, and nominees at this year’s European Metaverse Awards confirmed that the metaverse is not dead, just appearing in different guises. Fundamentally, it continues to be about bringing communities, creators, and technologies together to form the commercial, entertainment and enterprise experiences of the future. Hadean’s spatial computing and AI platform is central to that, and we’re proving it in the exciting and diverse projects that we’ve delivered on in the last year. 

We’ve enjoyed a great 2023, and look forward to making groundbreaking progress with our customers and partners throughout the year to come!

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