Celebrating Rust Conference and the Release of the Hadean Platform SDK


Celebrating Rust Conference and the Release of the Hadean Platform SDK

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Thanks for Joining us at RustConf 2021

It was an evening of riveting discussion and shared passions. Our love for Rust at Hadean is no secret, hence we were proudly diamond sponsors of this year’s Rust Conference. The benefits of Rust play a significant part in achieving the security, performance and reliability present in our technology. With insightful talks and interesting engagement with attendees, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to network with people everywhere who feel as strongly as we do, that Rust is something worth raving about.

The free trial of the Hadean Platform is now available

There was a highly mutual benefit to the conference, with both attendees and sponsors walking away with new knowledge and connections. Speaking to some attendees, we got some insightful thoughts about our technology that opened up our minds to thinking of new use cases and different potential applications. Similarly, getting to show off and chat about our new platform was incredibly fulfilling, as well as seeing people get excited and start building their own applications.

If you’re a developer who has an interest in distributing your applications, we urge you to download our SDK at hadean.com/platform. While previously you may have been frustrated with the services and manual provisioning involved in building a distributed application, our platform completely simplifies the configuration and deployment. If you want to discuss any topics around Hadean or have any questions, join our discord channel and the team will be happy to chat to you.

We can’t wait for RustConf 2022. Over and out, rustaceans!