What’s New On The Hadean Platform (SDK)

Your monthly update on the Hadean Platform SDK

3 March 2022
Aidan Hobson Sayers

This month on the Hadean Platform, we have improvements to the smart transfer of data, which we’ll delve into in more depth next month, the use of Python and C++ on the platform, running the platform on CentOS and developments in observability.

Firstly, Python bindings are now available to use on the platform. Despite this initially just being bare spawn and channel APIs, this will provide a foundation that will allow us to much more easily bind other things as well. Additionally, it’s now possible to complete remote runs on Python using virtual environments on the platform, with a directory created that contains everything needed to do so.

Previously, the platform has only been able to run on Ubuntu, but we have now enabled it to run on CentOS runtime bundle. Any program requiring this OS will now be available to run on the Hadean platform.

We’re also taking a number of steps to improve observability on the platform. The first of which is a solution (using vector.dev) to support the streaming of log messages from applications to the user. The endgame here is to have the internal components uninvolved with logging altogether, with no log storage on individual machines and log backends that are configurable. 

In the near future we will also be continuing the theme of language agnosticity, enabling C++ to be used on the platform.

Many of you will receive an email update this week regarding the key updates on the platform of the last few months, with the highlight being our new build and release process. This new cycle will accelerate development of the platform, so stay tuned for more release updates in the future.