Powering an AI-Led 3D London Fashion Week Experience with THIS IS ICON


Hadean and THIS IS ICON have partnered to create an AI-led 3D experience for London Fashion Week at THIS IS ICON 2023. Ada, an AI host built with Epic Games’ MetaHuman plug-in and custom AI technology, will serve as Master of Ceremonies. Attendees can interact with Ada via smartphones, gaining real-time fashion insights.

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London, UK, 14 September, 2023 – THIS IS ICON and Hadean, the spatial technology company, have partnered to create a unique AI-led 3D London Fashion Week experience at THIS IS ICON 2023. THIS IS ICON blends fashion and music in world class events to raise funds and awareness for charities. For the first time, its Celebrity Gala will be hosted by Ada, an AI Host created by Hadean. 

Built using Epic Games’ MetaHuman plug-in for Unreal Engine, and implementing text to speech AI technology alongside custom animations, Ada will feature behind the runway throughout the evening. As well as acting as Master of Ceremonies, audience members will be able to interact with Ada directly during the live fashion shows – and for the duration of London Fashion Week – on their smartphones, posing questions about the event, learning about the designers’ collections, including Malan Breton, Kingfisher Couture, and residents of Professor Jimmy Choo’s JCA, to receive real-time fashion insights and recommendations. 

Hadean exists to power the next version of the internet, one that is spatial, more experiential, and that will transform every industry. Harnessing emerging technologies, Hadean works with partners across Media & Entertainment, Gaming, Sports and more, to enable the creation of rich, social and scalable experiences that bridge the gap between physical and virtual worlds. For the fashion industry, Hadean helps brands innovate for the future, explore the connection between physical and virtual products, create unique brand loyalty programs and hyper-personalised consumer experiences. 

Helen Georgio, Founder of THIS IS ICON, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Hadean for THIS IS ICON 2023 and put on a spectacular show for our guests to raise even more money for Prost8 UK. New technologies such as AI provide another powerful medium for fashion designers not only to create, but to connect with fans and fashion enthusiasts around the world. THIS IS ICON champions innovations, such as Ada, who will enable show’s designers to connect with the audience in a much more meaningful and interactive way.”

“It’s an honour to partner with THIS IS ICON to blur the lines between fashion and technology for this special event”, Craig Beddis, Founder and CEO at Hadean said. “As we move towards the next version of the internet, one that’s inherently 3D, spatial and immersive, the industries that harness emerging technologies today will reap the rewards tomorrow. For brands and designers, innovating to create rich, immersive fashion experiences for their communities will forge deeper, more meaningful relationships in an increasingly global market and ultimately, future proof their business in the digital age.”