What’s New On The Hadean Platform (SDK)

Your monthly update on the Hadean Platform SDK

24 January 2022
Aidan Hobson Sayers

Happy January followers! With much of Hadean putting their feet up by the fire over the Christmas break, it’s been relatively quiet since we last gave you an update on the Hadean Platform SDK. However, there are a few bits of work we’d like to update you all about.

As we move forward, we have better defined our build and release process around the platform. An SDK release will deliver the same functionality to both our trial version (free to download but with limited scaling capacity) and our fully scalable paid for version. Our next release will be happening later this week, so stay tuned for an update there.

Internally, the updates streamline the test and release process, allowing our developers to easily switch between environments and to automate test runs. Crucially for them, a more refined cycle will help speed up and improve the quality of releases meaning more time to develop.

More exciting for our users, the end of January release means the Platform can be provisioned in AWS, reinforcing our ‘cloud agnostic’ approach. Along the way we’ve ironed out a few wrinkles to ensure our cluster management processes and scaling capabilities are running effectively.

And you can now set environment variables that will be passed to your application meaning for example that if you use the log crate you can set RUST_LOG=debug to get debug logs, or RUST_BACKTRACE=1 to get stack traces if your application crashes.

In the next month, we’ll be continuing our work in enabling the platform to work with Python. In October last year we showed you a ray tracing application running on Python code; this language agnosticity is a key goal of ours, so we look forward to updating you next month on further developments here. 

Finally, if you’re wondering just what you could use the Hadean platform for and would perhaps like some inspiration, Hadean have also been working with Microsoft Bonsai to integrate their reinforcement learning (RL) system, by teaching Bonsai brains running on Microsoft Azure to learn in multiple simulation environments running on the Hadean Platform.

Look out for another update next month!