We’re Winning Awards for Powering the Metaverse

We’re absolutely delighted to have received two European Metaverse Awards in recognition of our unique capabilities for powering the metaverse.

28 October 2022
Anthony Tomlins

We’re absolutely delighted to have received European Metaverse Awards for ‘Top Cloud, Enterprise or Technology Partner’ and ‘Top B2B or Industrial Initiative’.

These awards come off the back of the deep collaborative work we’re doing with partners like Pixelynx, Gamescoin, Epic Games, and many others, and it’s always fantastic to get public recognition.

Hadean’s metaverse infrastructure powers richer, more immersive experiences, giving the architects of the metaverse at every level, from builders and bridgers through to creators, performers and participants, tools to create outstanding content that bridges with the physical world to touch every part of our lives.

We enjoy working closely with partners to ensure that they have these tools readily at their fingertips, enabling them to sidestep the technical limitations of legacy web 2.0 technology stacks and focus on the creative task of building, running, and monetising virtual worlds that provide maximum value for the end user, whatever their use case.

Our technology for powering the metaverse has already been proven in projects such as work with Minecraft and Pixelynx on enabling large-scale social events in a single virtual world, and our “Aether Wars” event with CCP Games, where we broke a world record with 14,000 concurrent users battling it out in real time. It’s extremely exciting to be working with pioneers in the metaverse space to keep creating novel functionalities and experiences that transcend what was possible in virtual worlds.

The potential of the metaverse cannot be reached without breaking down today’s walled gardens to create seamless interoperability between applications and experiences across the user journey. Crucial to this is the ability for users to maintain a persistent identity and ownership of assets across their activities in the metaverse.

Gamescoin, powered by Hadean, creates a seamless bridge with the user-driven virtual world.
With Hadean, users can access any existing website through fully-functional web browsers built into the virtual experience.

Hadean supports thousands of concurrent users in scalable, interoperable, and secure virtual worlds , as well as providing  an open, agnostic architecture that allows partners to work with their choice of cloud environments, game engines, and add-ons to achieve their creative and commercial goals.

We’re excited to see how architects of the metaverse can use our tools to fulfil their creative and productive ambitions in the metaverse, unhampered by legacy limitations. Experiences that attract genuine long-term user engagement can open up opportunities for metaverse architects, brands, and content creators to interact with new and existing audiences in more powerful, dynamic, and immersive ways than were previously possible.

Once again, it’s a pleasure to have received these awards at the inaugural European Metaverse Awards, and we hope it is the first of many such achievements not just for Hadean, but for all the companies striving to build the open metaverse alongside us.

Stay tuned for more content on our metaverse vision coming next week!