Virtual Events

Introduce unprecedented scale, immersion and realism to virtual events

Connect Thousands of Users Across The Globe

Aether Engine provides a framework for easily deploying virtual events with a greater degree of scale and immersion. It enables truly global experiences that transform the way we communicate, learn and interact.

The global shift to remote experiences has accelerated the need to create and deliver world class virtual events. These all require a vast number of connections, often across distributed geographies. At the same time, users and brands alike are looking for immersive virtual experiences that take us beyond current video conferencing capabilities. 

Aether Engine provides a platform that enables virtual events with a vast number of connections and unprecedented performance at scale. It uses a distributed octree data structure to dynamically partition physical simulations, providing additional computing power to complex regions. This automatic allocation and deallocation of resources enables unprecedented levels of scale and fidelity and eliminates the large upfront cost of the server backend for one-off or seasonal events, making large virtual worlds and  events viable. 

When used in combination with Aether Engine, Muxer allows large virtual events and conferences numbering in the hundreds of thousands of users, eliminating design constraints around users per room and enabling rich social interactions.


Over 10k Concurrent Users

A single global shard allows anyone to join at unrestricted scale.

Low Latency Simulations

Connections between distributed data centres enable low latency.


Scale Invariance

Performance and reliability at scale, even in worlds with billions of entities.

Increased Realism

Intelligent pathfinding, accurate physics and high-fidelity cityscapes.

Perennial Worlds

Near limitless storage ensures every part of a world can exist ad infinitum.

Simplified World Building

Removing the need for DevOps shifts the focus of developers to design.

Customer Success

Creating New Minecraft Experiences

We are delighted to be working with Mojang Studios on the best-selling game of all time, Minecraft, to increase player capacity and explore new gameplay possibilities.

The project will integrate Aether Engine into the Minecraft architecture to enable new scalable game modes.

Powering Xsolla’s Game Carnival

Aether Engine and Muxer sat at the heart of Xsolla’s Unconventional Game Carnival, delivering a successful virtual event with a greater degree of scale and immersion.

Two engineers were able to integrate the Aether Engine into an existing project in just six weeks. Scale tests proved the conference was capable of supporting 500 connected users (players), smashing through the previous limit of 100.

MMO Gaming at Scale

Hadean and creators of EVE Online, CCP Games collaborated on a development workstream called EVE Aether Wars to transform the number of players in the world’s most successful MMO game.

The project culminated in a world record for the “most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PvP videogame battle.

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