The road to IT²EC 2023 – Part 1

As we prepare for IT²EC 2023, we take a retrospective of the exciting projects we have been collaborating on with our metaverse-ready partners in defence.

14 April 2023
John Cottrell

What a difference a year has made! Since our last attendance at IT²EC 2022 we have been busy working with our partners in our metaverse-ready ecosystem on some highly exciting projects. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to. 

Validating the technology

We have been working with the British Army Collective Training Transformation Programme to exploit Web3 technologies for live training in remote operating environments and help deliver valuable training outputs. It has been a truly incredible experience working in lockstep with the Ministry of Defence on the British Army’s CTTP pathfinder contract for cloud distributed simulation. 

As we think back to the beginning of the project, when we launched in June 2022 and showcased the first of the demos at I/ITSEC 2022 , it’s quite the achievement to be able to fully demonstrate the solution’s capability. We have been able to blend and scale different 2D, 3D and Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) components of land collective training with aggregate data and stream the training outcomes in real-time. 

The aim of the project was to identify and validate a credible cloud distributed platform approach that will inform the Army with regards to requirements for the Future Collective Training System (FCTS) as well as meeting the UK Ministry of Defence’s ambitions for accelerated digital transformation within military training. 

To this end, Hadean leveraged metaverse infrastructural technologies to develop a reliable and persistent core simulation that federated legacy and novel training systems, including respective data feeds, into an immersive single synthetic environment. 

The original demo that was showcased at I/ITSEC 2022 was from a UK based training exercise, Project Wessex Storm, that was recorded. 

Pushing beyond limitations

More recently, we tested the capabilities of the technology on a deployment to support live exercises in Kenya with the British Army. Hadean’s platform was able to integrate different training systems, including Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES), SCOPIC and Team Awareness Kit (TAK), and consolidated both live and recorded data using dynamic interest management to deliver a seamless visualisation via VBS4. Officers in the command centre at Army HQ in the UK, who were overseeing the exercise, were able to view a realistically complex, scaled and high fidelity virtual world. Not only that, the platform demonstrated its resilience capabilities as it was able to operate successfully in a challenging global location to overcome and manage sparse network conditions. 

Proving the efficacy of a military metaverse

Hadean also recently collaborated with our partners at BAE Systems along with a host of other SMEs including Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Inzpire Limited, Pitch Technologies, D3A Defence, uCrowds, PUALEY and VRAI to deliver Project OdySSEy, a metaverse-ready single synthetic environment that enables a multitude of disciplines to come together such as air, land, sea, space and cyber for a joint training exercise. Hadean’s technology was responsible for powering the system and consolidating all data sources together whilst delivering key information to the point of need in real time.

The project was exceptionally well received and was even covered by Sky News, The Telegraph and The Times. What it managed to demonstrate was how well our platform is able to integrate these different systems to provide critical insights that help to increase capability for our partners in defence. 

Building on these successes, we are excited to once again head to IT²EC where we look forward to meeting fellow attendees. We will also be showcasing some of these exciting projects and sharing insights about the capabilities of our technology. If you’re going to be in Rotterdam at the event, why not come by to visit?  We’ll be at Booth D51 or better yet you can book a meeting directly here.