Single Synthetic Environments

Create realistic and immersive single synthetic environments

Next Generation Synthetic Environments

Hadean enables detailed, realistic and sophisticated simulations of real-world scenarios. Users can generate accurate and scale invariant models involving thousands of human users and millions of simulated entities.

Traditionally, computational complexity derived from the density of entities, structural changes or a data influx overwhelms a simulation. The underlying infrastructure is unable to cope and pre-defined limits mean that a simulation can never grow beyond a certain size. 

Hadean, however, can incorporate any number of data types and modelling techniques to produce a singular coherent view of the real world. It dynamically scales at run time and removes the need for complex capacity planning and infrastructure engineering, allowing for arbitrarily detailed synthetic environments to be simulated.



Simulation Layering

Hadean integrates with an array of data types and sources, enabling complex, detailed and realistic replicas of real-world scenarios.


Dynamic Scaling

“Virtual space” is mapped to “CPU space”, and cores are dynamically allocated to areas of high compute density, with new machines being provisioned on demand.


Scale Invariance

Hadean’s distributed computing model ensures performance and reliability at scale, enabling simulations to be designed for thousands of client connections

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Cloud servers are automatically allocated and deallocated based on events within the simulation, ensuring optimal resource usage

Use Cases

Virus Contagion Modelling

Aether Engine ran a multi-agent spatial simulation to model pathogen spread along the UK road network. 

In just 48 hours, we created a simulation that modelled movement in London and Liverpool to assess the spread of Covid-19 and the impact of intervention on transmission rates.


Smart Cities

Digital twins are held back by slow, expensive and computationally intensive infrastructure requirements. 

The scale invariant Aether Engine will remove bottlenecks, ingest vast quantities of real-time data and create distributed simulations with millions of entities. It enables predictive analytics and simulations that run for longer and at lower cost.

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Download the Single Synthetic Environments Datasheet

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