Decision Support for Supply Chain Planning

From Just in Time to Just in Case

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Build an agile and resilient supply chain

The chaotic nature of the world is problematic for fragile supply chains. Unexpected circumstances can cause bottlenecks, reduced efficiency or even complete collapse - resulting in massive losses. Hadean provides unlimited simulation to foresee every possible scenario, helping you build tougher, flexible supply chains that make use of ‘just in case’ and local strategies.

Benefits And Outcomes:

Optimise Working Capital

Identify key sensitivities of moving from just-in-time to just-in-case. Minimise tied-up cash, achieve resiliency and prioritise high-value investments.

High Quality Predictions

High quality predictions by human- and ML-controlled live simulations enable improved planning and efficiency of resource allocation.

Better Decisions

Hypothesise and rapidly test scenarios to explore your options. Generate rapid data-supported response to changes and reduce time-sensitive costs.

Risk Management

Understand and estimate the risks and KPIs of your process changes. Reduce risk and drive KPIs by focusing on and investing in the most impactful areas

Watch the Demo to get an understanding on how decision support from Hadean works for Supply Chain Planning.

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