Aether Engine SDK

Experience First-Hand the Unprecedented Scale of Cloud-Native Simulation

The Aether Engine SDK lets you build and prototype cloud-native simulations, without the overly complex tooling and processes that typically burden distributed computing.

With the Aether Engine SDK you can develop simulations purpose built for the cloud. A cloud-native application, it removes the need for Dev and QA to run two separate code bases and lets you can test directly on a production-like environment.  

The technology is cloud-agnostic, and the architecture is deliberately flexible with integrations to PhysX, EnTT and Recast/Detour. Aether Engine also provides a deep integration with client engines such as Unreal.

Aether Engine can ingest vast quantities of data from disparate sources, in real-time to create and simulations available to hundreds and thousands of connected clients, within a single persistent view.


Register for the Aether Engine SDK to experience simulations that are:

  • Scale Invariant
  • Real-time
  • Cloud-native
  • Dynamically scalable
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