Smart Cities

Predictive simulations, realistic visualisations and accurate modelling with cost effective scenario development

Massive Computing Power to Model a Whole City

Digital twins are held back by slow, expensive and computationally intensive infrastructure requirements. The scale invariant Aether Engine will remove bottlenecks, ingest vast quantities of real-time data and create distributed simulations with millions of entities. It enables predictive analytics and simulations that run for longer and at lower cost.

Empowering the Future of Urban Development with Aether Engine

Dynamic scale allows digital twins to run for cheaper and longer, providing any number of planners with constant access to a persistent simulation.

Use Case 

Virus Contagion Modelling

Aether Engine ran a multi-agent spatial simulation to model pathogen spread along the UK road network.

In just 48 hours, we created a simulation that modelled movement in London and Liverpool to assess the spread of Covid-19 and the impact of intervention on transmission rates.


Hyper Scale Computing

Hadean removes laborious build, iteration and update cycles that send escalate development times and cost. The dynamic scale allows digital twins to run for cheaper and longer, providing any number of planners with constant access to a persistent simulation.

Cloud Native Architecture

Aid the decision making of policy members with highly realistic visualisations. Aether Engine enables planners to understand the logistical implications of projects by simulating digital twins and analysing complex behaviours being fed back from IoT devices.

Dynamic Scalability

Dynamic scaling and distributed simulations run complex pathfinding involving an almost limitless numbers of entities. Bringing high-fidelity real-world scenarios to life, Aether Engine is technology agnostic, integrating with any number of existing tools including Unity, UE4 and Autocad.

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Remove the limitations of real-time, real data simulations at massive scale with Aether Engine’s unbounded spatial scaling and Mesh’s big data capabilities.

Breakthrough infrastructure limits with Hadean

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Spatial Simulation

Enable high fidelity and immense scale spatial simulation for unprecedented results.

Globally Distributed Data Streaming

Global distributed network communication that provides real-time streaming and event handling.

Big Data Processing

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