The Hadean Architecture Whitepaper

A New Approach to Distributed Computing

Cost, complexity and time all hinder cloud computing efforts. Projects are delayed and put off, and developers ultimately struggle to harness the full potential of cloud-computing.

Hadean’s tech stack has reimagined how distributed computing is carried out today. The Hadean Architecture details how developers can now build applications that are distributed by default, quickly and easily.

Hadean is platform designed to overcome the challenges of cloud computing by eliminating excessive middleware, orchestration and overengineering. This paper breaks down the solution into its constituent parts and explores the technical architecture that underpins it.

The Hadean Architecture whitepaper examines the complex technical challenges that engineers are faced with when looking to build cloud-native application, and how Hadean proposes a new alternative. It provides in-depth guide to:

  • The Distributed Process Model
  • The Hadean Platform
  • Other Distributed Computing Solutions
  • Aether Engine
  • Muxer

Download The Hadean Architecture today and discover a new alternative to existing distributed computing methodologies.

Download the Datasheet