A New Approach to Distributed Computing

Discover how you can easily develop scalable applications and harness the full potential of the cloud with The Hadean Architecture Whitepaper.

Hadean Platform
Aether Engine Octree

Overcome the Challenges of Cloud-Native Development

This whitepaper provides an in-depth guide to:

  • The Distributed Process Model
  • The Hadean Platform
  • Other Distributed Computing Solutions
  • Aether Engine
  • Muxer

Discover all this and the unparalleled scale of building with Hadean.

“Imagine writing a 50 line program to analyse megabytes of data on your laptop. Now imagine applying the same program to terabytes of data, using thousands of processors in the cloud. This is the system Hadean is building. It will enable everyone to access and explore the world’s data using unlimited computing power – leading to new understanding, ideas and innovations.”

David May, inventor of the first parallel microprocessor

Aether Engine

In this video, you will see one of the key libraries developed on the Hadean platform, Aether Engine. Aether is a spatial simulation engine that scales across different processors and physical machines, utilising more computing power as the simulations grow in complexity and size. It demonstrates some of the key principals underpinned by the Hadean platform.

Download the whitepaper and explore a new alternative to existing distributed computing methodologies