Synthetic Training and Decision Support for Future Warfare

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Synthetic Training eBook

“Hadean is quickly developing a strong reputation based upon the real performance of its new and exciting products both in its core gaming sector and now in non-adjacent industry applications.”

Andrew Naismith – Managing Director, Defence and Security, CAE (UK)

Synthetic Training Environment

New domains and technological innovations are driving a transformation in the defence landscape:

  • Space
  • Cyberspace
  • Game Engines
  • Distributed Cloud Platforms
  • VR/AR
  • Artificial Intelligence


 “Creating high-fidelity, scalable, low-latency and widely-distributed simulations presents many technical challenges… Hadean has developed a set of technologies that will support scaling up these types of simulations fully leveraging existing cloud infrastructures.”

DisTec Grand Final, Judge’s Appraisal

This increasingly complex battlespace is demanding a rethink of the underlying training infrastructure:

  • Providing a common operating picture
  • Bringing training to the point of need
  • Speed and precision in decision making


Digitalisation of Defence

Discover all this and more in our Synthetic Training and Decision Support eBook

Synthetic Training eBook

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