The Next Generation Platform for Synthetic Environments

In this video you will see how the Hadean platform provides an infrastructure on which virtual training, decision support and situational awareness can happen under one common architecture.

Aether Engine Octree

Aether Engine – Massive Scale Cloud Simulation

Scaling large scale simulations requires effective allocation of computational resources. Built on the Hadean platform, Aether Engine removes the barrier of computational complexity by breaking computational intensive areas into smaller cells, keeping simulations optimised.

By dynamically distributing resources, Aether Engine allows the simulation to grow infinitely across any cloud provider or cluster, and enables the world to exist on a single shard, without splitting it into multiple isolated instances. It enables:

  • Performance at scale
  • Unlimited connection and user counts
  • Optimised resource allocation
  • Rapid development and testing cycles

“Hadean’s Aether Engine is a game-changer that opens up a range of new design possibilities — not just for games like Minecraft, but for streaming platforms, developer communities, and even enterprise applications.”

Michael Weilbacher, CTO & Director of Engineering, Minecraft

Download the Single Synthetic Environments datasheet to learn more

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