Learn why Hadean is built with Rust and its technical advantages

By enabling developers to write programs without undefined or unpredictable behaviour, Rust became the ideal programming language for the development of the Hadean platform.

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Rust Hadean

The Advantages of Rust

Performance: Rust is fast and memory efficient. Not having runtime or a garbage collector, it empowers performance-critical services and easily integrates with other languages.
Reliability: Rust has a rich type system and ownership model that guarantees memory and thread-safety. It enables the developers to eliminate several bugs at compile time.
Productivity: Rust is easy to use, has very good documentation, a friendly compiler, and a smart editor support tool that provides auto-completion and type inspections.

“Imagine writing a 50 line program to analyse megabytes of data on your laptop. Now imagine applying the same
program to terabytes of data, using thousands of processors in the cloud. This is the system Hadean is building.
It will enable everyone to access and explore the world’s data using unlimited computing power – leading to new
understanding, ideas and innovations.”

David May, inventor of the first parallel microprocessor


Aether Engine – Built with Rust

In this video, you will see how Aether Engine enables massive scale simulation of a city evacuation. Aether Engine is a breakthrough spatial simulation application built on Hadean. It dynamically scales to meet the computational demand, whether that’s an influx of connections, simulating millions of entities or adapting to changes in real-time data. Scalable libraries like Aether are built far easier and better with Rust. 

Want to see Aether Engine in action?

Download the Whitepaper