Distributed Networking at Massive Scale

How many connections can your network handle? Would you like to create globally distributed networks with thousands of connections and near limitless data points?

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Muxer Map Hadean

Discover the Unparalleled Connectivity of Muxer

If you have a networking problem, Muxer could offer a solution. 

Current networking models struggle to manage vast numbers of connections and provide the requisite processing power to computational spikes. Muxer by contrast is designed to connect vast numbers of disparate clients across a distributed network. 

Hadean’s technology has the potential to unlock huge creative and design-orientated freedom within virtual worlds

Hilmar V. Pètursson, Chief Executive Officer, CCP Games


In this datasheet, we explore the limitations of traditional communication methods, how Muxer opens up distributed networks to thousands of connections, and its range of features such as:

  • Bidirectional data flow
  • Long running processes
  • Low latency data streaming
  • Fully customisable
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Asynchronous architecture
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