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Discover how Hadean provides the ultimate platform for simulations of unparalleled scale and connectivity. Synthesise multiple data types and devices under one architecture to provide insight that can better inform optimisation and procedure.

Centralised World
Industry 4.0 Infrastructure

Technical Innovations are Accelerating the Adoption of Industry 4.0

  • Edge computing – the advent of the edge has been one of the main drivers in industry 4.0 and resulted in billions of connected devices
  • Cloud adoption – cloud adoption is now ubiquitous and has resulted in the emergence of cloud-native tooling and applications, opening up the possibility of more powerful applications
  • 5G – faster networking promise to open up a plethora of opportunity within IoT
  • Big data – the ever increasing amount of unstructured, real-world and real-time data enables for greater fidelity in models and simulations

The Hadean platform unites these new technologies.

Hadean in the Context of Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin

Download the whitepaper and discover:

  • What is Industry 4.0 and why should you care?
  • Key Drivers of Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin
  • Hadean as a Driver of Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin
  • and more

“Creating high-fidelity, scalable, low-latency and widely-distributed simulations
presents many technical challenges… Hadean has developed a set of
technologies that will support scaling up these types of simulations fully
leveraging existing cloud infrastructures”

DisTec Grand Final, Judge’s Appraisal


Aether Engine

In this video, you will see how Aether Engine enables massive scale simulations. It dynamically scales to meet the computational demand, whether that’s an influx of connections, simulating millions of entities or adapting to changes in real-time data. 

Want to see Aether Engine in action?