Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin Whitepaper

Optimise your operational logistics and procedure through massive scale simulations

Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin are revolutionising industrial processes. A number of new technologies are transforming how workflows are managed and optimised:

  • Edge computing – the advent of the edge has been one of the main drivers in industry 4.0 and resulted in billions of connected devices
  • Cloud adoption – cloud adoption is now ubiquitous and has resulted in the emergence of cloud-native tooling and applications, opening up the possibility of more powerful applications
  • 5G – faster networking promise to open up a plethora of opportunity within IoT
  • Big data – the ever increasing amount of unstructured, real-world and real-time data enables for greater fidelity in models and simulations

Hadean’s solutions synthesise these tools under single simulations of unparalleled size and complexity. Aether Engine dynamically allocates resources to ensure performance at massive scale, while Muxer connects disparate data sources through the use of edge networks to maximise connectivity. Achieve vast improvements in process efficiency, risk management and sustainability with Hadaean’s technology.

To learn more about how Hadean is driving innovation in Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin, download the whitepaper below.

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