Earning Trust in Defence Simulations

  • How do you earn trust in AI and simulation?
  • How do you mitigate bias?
  • And how do you ensure you make fast accurate decisions inside the chaos of modern warfare?

Synthetic Environments

The advent of technology has created new ethical questions, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in defence. Although bias in defence simulations may look quite different than what we read about in the news, it can lead to flawed and dangerous outcomes. Biased data may result in poorly trained AI or ill-designed models that simulate inaccurate scenarios and lead to poor decision making.

In this webinar from DSET 2021, experts from IBM, Red Hat and Hadean discuss the role of ethics in technology and how to earn trust in defence simulations.

  • Phaedra Boinodiris, Trust & AI Transformation Leader at IBM
  • Chris Nott, CTO Government / EMEA at IBM
  • Stephen Gordon, Government Digital Transformation Lead at IBM / Red Hat, and Non-Resident Fellow at ISW
  • Michael Gunadi, Business Development, Hadean

“Creating high-fidelity, scalable, low-latency and widely-distributed simulations presents many technical challenges… Hadean has developed a set of technologies that will support scaling up these types of simulations fully leveraging existing cloud infrastructures.”

Distec Grand Final, Judge’s Appraisal

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