Cloud-Native Game Design Handbook

What Can Cloud-Native Computing do for Your Game Design?

Are the limitations of an outdated tech stack preventing you from creating the game you want?

Cloud computing has ushered in an era new possibility, but realising this potential, requires an overhaul of the existing infrastructure. Currently game developers slowed down by sprawling toolchains, bloated middleware, and long delays as iteration times and costs begin to spiral out of control.

But, this is about to change. Cloud-native game development will unleash the full power of distributed computing and open the door to a world of new possibilities. Studios will be able to create games of unprecedented realism, complexity and scale. This eBook explores how cloud-native games offer:

  • A more intuitive approach to game design
  • The opportunity to create previously unimaginable depth
  • A faster, cheaper and more efficient approach to game development

Download The Cloud-Native Gaming Handbook and discover how you could break through barriers of game design.